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Both are generic shounen series on the surface, but are enjoyable regardless. They both take place in a school dedicated to defeating the supernatural and both stories revolve around the students, mostly. The main characters also both deal with being demonic.
report Recommended by RedBardIsCool
Both Anime styles are the king you would find in those nice child friendly movies you might watch for Halloween. They have a wide cast of characters and things get crazy as the plot progresses. Both series are action packed.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
What to say? Stories are mainly different, but overall they still share some mentionable point:
• well, let's start saying that they both are famous shonen that share the same action, fantasy, supernatural genres
• both evolve around special schools/academy who teach our characters how to use their powers
• both have a various number of characters, be it protagonists or villains, with strong and likeable personalities
• both stories deal with defeating the evil, in SE are the witches and the Kishin (sort of demon), while in AnE is represented by the ultimate evil: Satan
• overall both are enjoyable series but there's one   read more
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Both animes have student studing in a big academy to fight demons.
In soul eater they are demon hunter. In Ao no Exorcist they are demon exorcists and they go out slaying demons with teacher supervision sometimes, just like in Soul Eater.

The stories are very similar except in Ao no exorcist they have their own weapons, unlike in soul eater where they had the meister and "weapons" which were actually another person.
report Recommended by BlueNishiki
Homogenous shows with a school setting training to become a specialist in some sort. In SE, they work hard to be strong weapons and meisters. In Ao no Exorcist, they attend school, well, obviously, to be exorcists. Friends helping each other, having fun and serving the people of their land. Both shows will be extremely entertaining especially if you are a fan of unique fighting scenes, backstories, school themes and so on. Also, they both became indepedent and rebelled from the manga.
report Recommended by connielas
Honestly, when I first started watching Ao no Exorcist, I felt it screamed Soul Eater. I mean, not only are the art styles similar, but Rin (the protagonist) reminded me greatly of Soul. Even then, as you continue to move forward through the series, you'll be able to make more and more comparisons. For instance, Faust is a lot like Lord Death, having that same wackiness.

There are a lot of other similarities, like similar humor and such. But regardless, you should take the time to watch this.
report Recommended by NightsofDawn
Ao no Exorcist and Soul Eater are action anime that have a "let's team-up and save the world" feel to them. They both take place in a special special academy, which trains young teenagers to become fighters that stand against Satan and his henchmen in Ao no Exorcist, and demons in Soul Eater. The characters in both series are simply AMAZING, each having their own unique look, personality and fighting style. Both series also feature superb animation mixed with amazing action sequences that will make the viewer beg for more after each fight. If you are a shounen anime fan and you liked watching one   read more
report Recommended by FireHeart
Both deal with a group of students in training to become great fighters in the war against demons/the supernatural. They have intense plot lines but are injected with enough humor to keep it from being too serious. However, the drawing style for Ao No Exorcist is a bit more wispy and edgy than for Soul Eater which uses a more cartoony style.
report Recommended by LizLizards
Both series features supernatural themes in a supernatural world where the main characters learn new skills. They are considered shounen and often or not, their battles incorporates such themes.

Both series has a lot of drama, comedy, and action.

Both series' main male protagonist also have similar personalities.

Both series also has powerful antagonists that puts not only the main characters and their friends at risk but the world as well.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both anime involve demons/demon slaying, and both involve an academy
report Recommended by carempie
Whether you're the son of the devil or a team of weapon and meister, in order to become better at what you do, you need to learn the basics at school. Both anime follow a group of students who attend one of many magic schools. Watch them learn about friendship, morals, strength and see them grow as they fight witches (Soul Eater), or even Satan himself. (Ao no Exorcist)
report Recommended by Mangetsu-san
Both are shounens that in both the group of main Charcthers are in a school that teaches about defeating their enemies(Which is demons in blue exorcist and demons/witches/and other Halloween related things In soul eater)
report Recommended by Ozzey
Soul Eater and Ao no Exorcist are alike because both deal with gifted kids who to a school that teaches them how to fight things such as demons. Both have humor and main protagonists that like to slack off.
report Recommended by theotakumonster
both have a spooky/halowen atmosphere to them
both have great action scenes
both involve a supernatural school (with clownish yet powerful principal)
both have their GREAT seiyuu cast
both are shounen anime that have ended.
report Recommended by Kaiga-Tagami
school, group of students together, quite similar, both awesome gotta watch
report Recommended by LostChapter
I did enjoy Soul Eater more... However, I finished watching that anime a while ago, and it has been difficult to find an alternative. Blue Exorcist had a similar feel, and offered a nice change of pace.

Both stories involve a 'school with a difference'. One where young students can hone their skills, with the aim of vanquishing evil and protecting others. In Blue Exorcist, Satan's forces (including demons) materialise as the principle threat. And in Soul Eater, young meisters are tasked with tackling the menace of witches and Kishins. Characters from both series stand out as individual, each offering a variety of   read more
report Recommended by Kenji_Kun
These two shonen anime both involve an academy, there's elements of horror, and the balance of drama and comedy is similar.
report Recommended by SugoiChappy
Looking for humor combined with a progressive action filled story that revolves around magic, mythical creatures and other dark sorcery? Then look no further.

Soul Eater and Ao no Exorcist are extremely similar in art style, setting, character development and overall tone.

The main characters in both these Anime series have goals to achieve greatness and reach powerful titles. However they acquire help from their friends. Both Anime's encourage teamwork, friendship, leadership and many more traits.

Overall for both of the Anime's story is steadily paced with unique characters and well balanced genre elements.
report Recommended by XNekoro
Both are centred in school/academy where they learn to fight against supernatural forces, and both have a similar theme of self discovery and teamwork.
report Recommended by bessimajamal
There are many properties and concepts that Ao No Exorcist and Soul Eater shared a lot.

-both are about gothic,demon ,school 's theme and humor story
-both protagonist are very hot-blooded and badass hero.
-demon in both anime resembled partially.

If you like Shounen animes that very exciting,humorous and dramatical, both anime are very good bet.
report Recommended by santicres
Both start out very strong with an interesting premise and loveable characters and awesome fight scenes. Both also have disappointing anime-filler-endings but much more awesome-completely-different manga endings. Soul Eater's manga is finished though, while Ao no Exorcist's isn't at the time of writing.
report Recommended by clarissassin
Your typical shounen anime with good arcs and fight. Both are must watch anime atleast once in your anime carrier,. Lots of demon/youkao with a big character pool who gets decent development. Good side-comedy.
report Recommended by -Alians-
The plot's are very different however both these anime have the same feel to them- that Shounen adventure that won't let you sleep till you've finished all the episodes. Also if you like kids fighting demons both these animes are full of what you;re looking for. Not only is there action, but also plenty of comedy. These animes will leave you inner Shounen satisfied.
report Recommended by FuturisticNinja
Ao no Exorcist and Soul Eater are very similar because they both are about killing demons and they both have an academy where they learn to do that.
report Recommended by iJaxks
- Both the anime share almost the same type of story.
- Both anime involve fighting against supernatural creatures.
- Their worlds are related to after-life.
- Some of the characters are demons/supernaturals.
report Recommended by One
- In both there are special academy, which prepare the fighters with evil. In Blue Exorcist it is presented with a Satan and his henchmen. In Soul Eater- demons.
- The warriors are teenagers, of course. All of them fight with their own style.
- Both contains great action and a stellar cast.
- Both animes are very dynamic and the pace is very similar.
- Both animes give you a good amount of suspense and adventure a balance of comedy.
- Both have the whole, "let's team-up and save the world" feel to it.
- Both stories feature supernatural happenings   read more
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
Both of the series follow an exorcist type story and both of the stories have a large scope. Both are also very action heavy but also very character and story driven.
report Recommended by YoshikuniTaiki
It is similar because they are action anime with a dark comedy twist. They grip you emotionally towards the characters, and both have are good with quick paced action. Also, they have plenty of times where they can make you laugh. The down biggest down sides to them are that Ao no Exorcist, or Blue Exorcist, ends too soon due to major events in Japan at the time, and Soul Eater starts off weak, in my opinion, though I stayed for the strange style that feels both unique and obvious at the same time.
report Recommended by Alec_KS
Both shows have:

- Academy setting that aims to teach the students to exterminate "special" beings
- A rather funky/bizarre setting and cast of characters
- A heavy focus around group of students that happen to be involved in different kinds of adventures and happenings

Despite being very much different in art style, the atmosphere and vibes are very much alike for both shows.
report Recommended by Anatithe