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Soul Eater
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FMA:B Also deals with the idea of "human weapons" and competing factions who are not always as they appear. Both have humour on the side as well.
report Recommended by Amarrez
First off, they have similar production team; namely, Bones.They both give a basic kind of comedy that will definitely tickle your funny bone. Drama is presented amazingly well in bot series but FMAB is basically more dramatic than SE. ARt and expressions are also very similar especially the sound effects when it comes to becoming surprised, mad and other expressions. Also, both give a dark feel because of mysterious villains and gloomy settings day in and day out. Soul Eater may have a different synopsis to FMAB but both series will not disappoint you and will entertain you. Just a little warning, their storytelling is   read more
report Recommended by connielas
Comedic timing is similar. Characters are likable and unique. Plot is different, keeps you on edge and wondering what will happen next. Similar to Brotherhood in that the series' concepts aren't something you come accross very often.
report Recommended by Airbent
Both have a "big boss" as an antagonist (SE: Kishin and FMAB: Father). Both have a lot of different fights with different characters and are somewhat dramatic as the story goes on. Both have more than 50 episodes—that's four times more episodes than your average 12-episode anime. Both have comedy at some points, but still retain a serious feeling during fights.
report Recommended by Dendronom
I still haven't finshed watching Fullmetal, but since the beginning of the first episode i was surprised how much it remainded me of Soul Eater. -The ART was very similar. -The 'ACTION' is also similar. Both have loads of fight scenes as well as serious moments that can make you think, but which are also hilarious. -There are a couple of PEOPLE in Fullmetal that will seem almost a copy of the ones from Soul Eater (and viceversa, obviously), both in their characters, way of talking and acting and in their story. When watching either of these animes you will see yourself worried, sad or crying from laughter, all   read more
report Recommended by LombrizLives
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