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Like I totally understand that every person that watches BNHA would think, "Oh hey! Super heroes... One Punch Man!" but I'm truly surprised that not many individuals have brought up a show that is similar in almost every aspect excluding it's whole superhero concept. Soul Eater. First of all, the main similarities between the two for sure lie in the plot lines. The plot in both series revolve around teenage characters set in a school setting catered towards those with supernatural abilities and from there the overall action-packed, comedic atmosphere provides more evidence to their similar traits. I find the characters in both shows generally   read more
report Recommended by Sho
-Both anime tells a story about teaching student to fight using special powers . -Both animation is smooth and flexible (studio Bones) -Both anime contains unique character
report Recommended by Meikazu_Teki
they both take place in a school for supernatural powers with a wide range of characters who figth the evil in the world
report Recommended by Fezinator14x
Both shows take place in schools full of superpowered children who often have to unite together to stop inhuman or superhuman threats. They also both have their fair share of comedy.
report Recommended by Cacchione
Both are supernatural/superpower action shounen series with school settings and teenage casts. Overall they have a very similar feel to each other in terms of tone, characters and story (they are different, of course, but they give the same kind of vibes if that makes sense). The other big thing that makes these similar is the art style and animation, which is helped by the fact that they were made by Bones, so the production and execution is similar. You may like one more than the other, but due to their similarities, if you liked one you may like the other too.
report Recommended by TheFlyingOrange
Class to reach the top. My Hero Academia and Soul Eater are both anime which involve students with powers trying to achieve the highest position. With MHA, it is Midoriya's dream to become the no. 1 hero. Soul Eater has Soul and Maka's quest to make Soul a death scythe. Both are good action-comedy anime by the studio Bones. With Soul Eater having more fanservice than MHA.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
let’s not kid ourselves here, soul eater WALKED so my hero could run ... the vibe of the two shows are very similar, following the lives of high school kids with supernatural abilities and super powers... i’d say bnha puts a lot more emphasis on the fact that the world where the setting takes place relies heavily on super powers. bnha’s plot follows the budding heroes of UA and their triumphs and tribulations defeating evil, while soul eater follows the main group of kids doing the same. anyways... us weebs love to watch high school kids beat up bad guys to a pulp amiright?
report Recommended by univrse
These two both take place in a superschool setting in a world that is an alternative to real life, with a comedic tone with many actions. Where the main cast goal is to investigate phenomenon's happening with good and bad guys, the characters have a similar design and tone however the style is darker lighting.
report Recommended by Ratris_Decision
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