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Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu
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Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu
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Saishuu Heiki Kanojo
Both are about a desperate struggle against alien apocalypse, banked on a single hope found in a teenage girl born for this purpose. Both series focus less on the wars but on the tragic characters. Iriya is a superior production in terms of story cohesion and credibility in my opinion.
report Recommended by Stripey
same story.. the girL is the ultimate weapon and the only hope of the earth(ufo no natsu) or the country (saikano) ..then the girl fell in love with a guy who cant do nothing but support and pity them..they also tried to get away with their destiny or thinking bout their own happiness .. but their conscience cant do it so ends up with sacrificing theirself..
report Recommended by inn0centdem0n
While Iriya has a much lighter tone through the first few eps, they both share a similar premise and similarly heart-wrenching developments.
report Recommended by _eternal
Estórias complexas, porém repletas de conteúdo. Personagens cativantes. Prosseguimentos interessantes. ---------- Stories complex, but full of content. Captivating characters. Continuing interest.
report Recommended by CNeto
both have girls that deal with military services,both are very deep stories....
report Recommended by BerryChanx
Both anime shows the war and strong female character which have to save the world. Both have similar endings.
report Recommended by -kassy-
The first few episodes of Iriya no Sora are slice of life, but the last ones have the same premise of "little girl is/drives a ultimate weapon and is the last hope against the enemy"
report Recommended by misterferrari