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Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou
Both male protagonist faces a situation where they were back-stabbed by people they thought were allies. After facing the horrific consequences of being back-stabbed, the male protagonist sets out on a solo journey and meets female side-kicks, basically kick starting a harem. Both stories revolve around hero being summoned by magic, using magic and fighting demons who are threatening humanity.
report Recommended by Aleron
In both titles main character is a guy who is dragged into another realm and has to finish certain quest in order to get back to his world. What's special about these two isekai animes is that main character starts as somebody seen as weaker compared to other people who were dragged into another realm. That results in constant laugh at him from his fellow comrades, or even discrimination. In both cases our main heroes are getting stronger as fast as it is possible, to the moment they are overpowered and the others have to change their opinions on them. Their adventures also depict how   read more
report Recommended by Adnash
Main characters are sent to another world that is similar to an rpg game world. The lead becomes stronger by taking skills from monsters he kills. The lead meets several (female) companions who are all very strong and special.
report Recommended by smile856
Both isekai's share similar stories revolving around the protagonist who was betrayed by those he thought were friends and subsequently vowed to get revenge on them. In both shows as well, they start off with awesome interactions between the main male and female leads, but quickly drops down to plot interactions as the members of the harem grow.
report Recommended by Short_Circut
They share almost the same plot. A normal guy just teleported to another world with some supernatural power to save it , then getting rejected by others because of being useless since they have got useless power so they get chocked and change completely their personnality So they rise and shove their way to THE MOST POWERFUL IN THE WORLD Also they have some very beautiful girls as companions.
report Recommended by LoRiyaNiVer
both are isekai, with overpowered MC that gain demi-human harem the biggest common thread between the two anime is the MC being betrayed early on and their attitude in dealing with their new world and both have the goal of getting home. both have game mechanic. their are some differences between the two but without going into spoiler territory. one thing to note Arifureta has cgi monsters that some find of poor quality and they are far different than the background, MC and other humans
report Recommended by Paladin23
Both have that character plot where the MC started out as a low level participant, to find himself in some shitty situation that has almost drive him insane to a hero who has proven himself in a highest level that even his supposed comrades were green with envy.
report Recommended by JiangHaoyi1979
Both main character was teleported in another world where they will be heroes, both was weak and betrayed, and both of them became stronger.
report Recommended by EsieEyen
Both MC are being betrayed. Both snap and don't care about being nice anymore. Both unusual class (Tate no Yuusha: Shield - Arifureta: Crafting). Also both have a young female traveling companion, who are quite inclined towards MC.
report Recommended by Rikasu
Both main characters were betrayed and seemed weak at the start of the series. They both got op. Isekai. Both MCs started travelling with an abandoned girl (+more)
report Recommended by jenniqer
Both are about the main character being isekai'd to another world along with other people where he is seen as the weakest, he gains powers and becomes strongest. Both also are joined early on by abandoned loli.
report Recommended by Slowe_Seb
Yo u can find betrayal in both of them, Arifureta is a lil bit more edgy tho,also lets not forget about the girls and that the mc is op.
report Recommended by tachibanamitsuha
Both anime feature a main character that turns cold after being betrayed by those that they trust, that start off being one of the weakest and most useless characters and then grow to be the strongest. They are also both are harem isekai.
report Recommended by AltinaLee
Both series are isekai, where protagonists are transported to another world to help defend it. In both series, the mc is said to be the weakest. Boths MCs were betrayed by someone. Both of them are enraged and rises to the top. Both series has harem elements.
report Recommended by Shadowman17
In both the MC gets betrayed, becomes hateful and then overpowered while also collecting a harem. I like both a lot and they reminded me of each other.
report Recommended by De4dgh0ul
If you're struggling with Post Anime Depression from shield bro just watch this. This anime is fun but the story isn't as catchy. Has a very similar feel to shield hero, but it's more comedic and less serious
report Recommended by Sares2
Both are isekai with a male lead who gradually gets stronger by consuming monster parts. Both male leads get woman companions.
report Recommended by Exadon
They were equally betrayed and became strong afterward. Lolis and also kemonomimi characters( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
report Recommended by hdxyt
Both betrayed by his own friend/teammate. Both comeback with some changes, both become strong. Same feeling, both were called or summoned to the world. Both MC are surrounded by girls, but one MC is coupled with the girl.
report Recommended by Kohidesu_
both anime are a type of get isekai'd and get betrayed by the ones that are "close" to the mc. both mc are trying to get stronger and go back to their original world.
report Recommended by m1bh3g5
Both have an MC who got betrayed Both MC's were seen as weak and got strong Both are Isekai's with game aspects
report Recommended by Kairito_
Both anime are isekai where the main character is betrayed and has to progress their way up in the world through training.
report Recommended by TheScareCrow27
-both feature an mc being backstabbed -both mcs are op -both isekai
report Recommended by prefecty
Both anime have male protagonist who trains himself to become powerful and meet two girls in his journey of becoming powerful. Also the male lead has to train alone and has been exiled from the kingdom due to false accusations. It is similar to how the story of male lead moves from being weakest to the strongest and how he got betrayed by the his own people.
report Recommended by darkking611
Same "Rise from betrayal" concept. The main chara is betrayed by other chara and become powerful than before.
report Recommended by Blackwolfzu
- Both MC are betrayed at the beginning of the series - There plot are quite similar - Both comeback as more powerful than the others - The main protagonist too are Isekai'd into another world Hope you enjoy this recommendation because Rising of the shield hero have the similarities to Arifureta like being betrayed by their Friends.
report Recommended by -KairuX-
Both are about an isekai mc that everyone thinks is weak but they actually turn out to be the most powerful. They both have found families and both mc are "father figures" so some non-human creatures.
report Recommended by Yukinekin
Both MC are brought to a magical world where fortune is not in their luck. MCs are struggling to work with what they got but becomes OP Basically the the stories are fairly similar.
report Recommended by klipppi
Mc gets betrayed and becomes stronger by absorbing monsters to gain new abilities and to get stronger.
report Recommended by DARK_DRKN
Both MCs are driven by bitterness and revenge from being scorned by their fellows and people they thought as friends. Eventually, they both become OP and nonchalant, whilst still managing to fight against the concept of evil. If you're looking for some anime where the mc is hated, scorned or looked down on (with an underlying theme of revenge), then these two animes go hand in hand.
report Recommended by Novusorda
betrayed and became strong and 2 of them got partners too
report Recommended by RazanMI_29
- Both MC being betray by everyone - Both MC get power through pain and effort - Both MC got force call from real world to isekai - Both MC want finish mission protect isekai and be hero - Both MC want to go back to real world by complete the objective - There is 2 woman who powerful in this series (when Tate have 2, Arifureta have 4 (now 5) ) - Single Loli who follow them - Both MC is useless class in the isekai
report Recommended by IgnatiusTheFirst