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In both animes they got a master whom they are fighting together with to become the last ones left and win the competition.
report Recommended by Kyo_Kagami
Same plot. Servants fighting each other, but Fate/Stay Night doesn't have the ecchi stuff in it.
report Recommended by millefeuille-pan
Same deal with people fighting to reach a supreme goal.
report Recommended by Ryoujin
Both are very similar because of the "game" the characters are forced into : there's a war in the city, and the masters[fsn] / ashikabis[sekirei] fight with their servants[fsn] / sekireis for the title of strongest. Then again, lots of similarities if you pay attention: both main characters are worried about their woman and dont want to let em fight or cry about not being able to help them etc. Servants however are not all women with oversized boobs! Fate stay night doesn't rely on the fan service, as it's a serious anime with a deep setting and storyline : less echi, more action,   read more
report Recommended by Laingod
its the same: It's a war (competition) with a master and warlike (one or more) which makes a team and which fights of another teams. But it's more funny and ecchi ;)
report Recommended by Little-chip
In sekirei plot stories you will find out that it has similarity with fate stay night.The only differences is in Fate Stay Night master can only have 1 servant but in Sekirei the master can have as many servant they want and in sekirei you will find the female character have voluptuous body and bouncing boobs(echi..)
report Recommended by TX-1000
-Both animes are about receiving or meeting a partner (coincidence or not) to fight in a survival game, and aim to defeat the other partnerships to win the game.
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Both Anime's feature a guy that aquires a guardian/fighter and are forced to make battle with other "masters" until they are the only one left.
report Recommended by dungenlancer
They both have a master servent thing going they both have the main dude falling and love with his servant/s and always wanting to protect them/her
report Recommended by Nixzilla
Same plot. Servants fighting each other.
report Recommended by W0land