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Like Shirou, Raki finds himself with a powerful and attractive female warrior. They both come to realize their harsh realities and even develop deep feelings for them while finding out their history and their inevitable dark fates.
report Recommended by WarMage
Similar strong female character + (Weak) male. Romance and good storyline.
report Recommended by Shobz
Similar in the way that the female protagonist is the one engaging in most of the battles and they are accompanied by a weaker male role. Both guys fall for the girls and there is a heavy amount of action.
report Recommended by Drakkle
Saber is a lot like Clare. Both animes have action, a female main character which fights with a sword and protects a boy... and so on....
report Recommended by naerayan
On the surface, Claymore and Fate/stay night share similar characters. Saber, the female lead of Fate/stay night, and Clare, the female lead of Claymore, share both attitude and fighting style. Saber and Clare act tough and speak formally, in a way, and they both use large swords to fight. They both can take plenty of damage. The male leads, Raki, from Claymore, and Shirou, from Fate/stay night, help take care of the female leads. They have more differences, but they're both supporting leads, in a sense. For story, on the surface, they look completely different. Claymore has more violence and focuses around fighting monsters, while Fate/stay   read more
report Recommended by MoWriter
Both Animes deal with swordsmanship, fighting, romance between the main characters, a strong woman, and weaker but then eventually strong man, who she has to protect. I think they are pretty similar anime, so if you liked one you will surely like the other. BOTH ANIMES ROCK =)
report Recommended by Heiondaisuki
both have a virtually useless male lead with an extremely awesome female swordsman counterpart. there's lots of blood and fighting. while claymore is set in a somewhat medieval setting, fate stay/night is like taking that stuff and putting it into a modern setting. there's a lot of swords.
report Recommended by supermegasonic
fate/stay night and claymore both have action and fantasy. the main guy in both seris' look alike and have similiar personalties in wanting to protect the main female. The main female leads kinda look alike there personalties are really alike both the quit and strong type.
report Recommended by awesome-49
Main character is helpless boy with powerful female sidekick kicking ass. Both have a decent story.
report Recommended by LucZero
Both anime have strong sword or weapon wielding secondary female characters who decide to protect the weaker but "good" and "innocent" main male character who has latent talent and power. They inevitably begin to fall in love throughout the anime. The main characters discover their own strength as the anime progresses.
report Recommended by mickyc118