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-Both animes are about receiving or meeting a third party to supply you with powers to fight in a survival game, and aim to defeat the other parties to win the game.
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Fate Stay Night and Mirai Nikki both tells about Survival Game in which the contestants battle against each other to win the prize. They also features similar protagonists who were initially weak and pathetic, but grows as the series progresses. In FSN, Emiya Shirou is accompanied by Saber while in Mirai Nikki Yukiteru is accompanied by Gasai Yuno. Yuno and Saber are both powerful heroines able to surpass the heroes in combat. Both animes began to unveil dark, hidden secrets as the story progresses.
report Recommended by Reim_Seranth
Both the protagonists have been dragged into a war (both against 11 other characters) without a choice, a fight for survival with the reward being something of great importance. Both have very dark themes
report Recommended by AtashiBunny
They both are survival games - in fate/stay night, it is a game between 7 masters, each with their servants.
report Recommended by Christina706
Both anime deal with the competition, where the winners receive supernatural power. As well, both the main hero has a complex relationship with one of the participants in the competition.
report Recommended by YanivGK
The characters are forced to participate in a game where they must kill in order to be granted any one wish. There are no familiars, but the concept is similar. The main characters are both unwilling, but this anime is more horror though.
report Recommended by Mythical_Truth
Fate/stay night and Mirai Nikki involve Emiya Shirou and Yukiteru Amano, respectively, being dragged into a survival game against their will. The games in both involve goin against a set of opponents with a certain objective. In Fate/stay night, the objective is to eliminate all the opposing servants of the other contestants. In Mirai Nikki, you must destroy all other future diaries owned by the contestants. If one were to win in Mirai Nikki, one would become god of their universe. If one were to win in Fate/stay night, one would receive the all powerful Holy Grail. Both main characters are portrayed to be weak   read more
report Recommended by Sonic0
Similarities: Both animes involve a winner-take-all game where the combatants have to fight one another to the death. Both have a protagonist who is reluctant to fight unless absolutely necessary Both have a female main character who is clearly more skilled than the protagonist (and is much more willing to play the game) In both this female character assists the protagonist in trying to win the game Both are quite dark and have a lot of bloodshed and deaths as the story progresses Both have very good fight scenes and story exposition, as well as good character growth Differences: Mirai Nikki uses cellphones as diaries to predict the future and the characters   read more
report Recommended by F3nR1r_N7
In both anime there is a survival game and participants need to fight each other for some price.
report Recommended by profetey
Both shows have similar premises, main characters, and present a balanced mix of action & drama with a fair share of plot twists and dark undertones. Also the main pairings presented are similar in many ways (though are both different enough to feel unique from each other as well). However the biggest reason I have is, oddly enough, the main criticism people have for both shows ~ that they are said to have many inconsistencies and plot holes. The underlying reason for each is different, but if you disagree/don't care about this being an issue in one, then the main reason people will tell   read more
report Recommended by TKB928