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Shakugan no Shana
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Action-packed anime with magic-girl as leading cast heavily supported by a guy who only looks out for her safety.
report Recommended by VK11
Sword Wielding Otherworldly female main characters that are overly obsessed for their duty who eventually fall for a poor unsuspecting man who accidentally met them and feel a duty to protect the female cast. To make it even better, in both anime the main female characters have no clue how love should feel and are confused =P.
report Recommended by DivergentKarma
Similar kind of action and romance rooted in a developed backstory.
report Recommended by neutralizer
the 2 anime are base on destroy something to acquire It's all about normal people who have to fight even if they dont want to.
report Recommended by katedadevil
Both are have heavy shounen plot lines mixed with a variety of mythological allegories and a dash of romance. I personally find Shana to be the superior, especially in the romance an umour department, nut F/SN has better fights and mythological connections. Both are great shounens that are not to long, like some of the very popular ones, and are excellent choices if you want a lighter anime with fights and love.
report Recommended by DarkerThanDante
In both, the boy's world is suddenly turned upside down upon meeting a supernatural being that almost had him killed but got saved by a girl, with magical powers, wielding a sword and great fighting skills. This marked the begining of a bizzare relationship.. Also you will find that the boy is also special that caused them to live in a world far from the ordinary
report Recommended by alfomwas
Both series start off featuring a male lead whose life is (mostly) normal, until that one moment where he ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time, which results in the addition of a female sword-wielding partner and a battle of life or death. Also in both is a latent ability hidden within each of the male leads not fully exploited until the arrival of said partner, an ability that, when finally tapped, proves useful for overcoming the obstacles each side must face.
report Recommended by KingProgdor
Magic, fighting, colourful art. They both have em and are great watches. Although Fate Stay Night gives off a more colder feel than Shakugan no Shana.
report Recommended by 5layer
Powerful girl + weak guy who strives to become stronger. Romance + action + fantasy
report Recommended by xyakaix
Shana; powerful but confused with feelings and duties Saber Yuji; powerless, useless, just a pain the ass Shirou Similar historical plot and legendary names, not enough explained characters and turn of events..
report Recommended by isobel
Both are cute girls who battling with sword
report Recommended by nekoyaki
Both animes offer the exact same experience, though fate/stay night does it better imho.
report Recommended by NoMercy
They both have a heroine that is a talented blade worker .. both are confused about their own feelings and both are strong and beautiful .. they both defend the honor of what they believe in .. and both are willing to give their lives to protect the ones they love ..
report Recommended by Jewel-chan
Both are about a high school guy with some magic inside them who has a magical girl with a big sword appear in his life, suddenly all sorts of magical monsters start attacking, and then they have to go into battles.
report Recommended by robfoster
Similar plotlines. Plenty of fighting. Tsunderes. Animation quality is relatively similar. Relatively similar tone and level of tension. Strong female characters.
report Recommended by Elunah
Similar Premise, although fate/stay night has a darker tone.
report Recommended by iolight
similar plotlines, sword wielding female main characters and both are a must to see
report Recommended by Ichigo1996
These two have same style, love and fantasy fighting theme. The female protagonist both starts off with "Cold Heart". Later, they start to learn what is "love".
report Recommended by Goddesshomura
The starting point of this two anime are pretty similar; a boy's life turned upside down after meeting a girl. The girl turned out to be some kind of a tool of war. Has only a destiny to fight. The boy on the other hand, is weak and desperate. But as he got to know the girl he met who changed his life, he wanted to be at least useful for her. Both main character's battle strategy concept is kind of similar; the boy's are one who's ordering the moves for the girl. Both plot is kind of similar too, in a way. Defeat the bad guys   read more
report Recommended by Daxonzion-