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Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.
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Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.
Kenja no Mago
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Kenja no Mago
Both have: - Isekai: Reincarnated from an unfortunate incident to another fantasy world. - Both are an Adventure story where they make many female friends. - Both characters are OP, straight up. - Both are about magic. - Both main protagonists have their old memories from the previous world. - Both have comedy. - "Started from the bottom, now we're here."
report Recommended by SeungMin
both are isekai with overpowered and somewhat dense MC. Both have the MC befriending royal both have some darker moments but in great are light hearted. both are reincarnated to new world (by truck-kun) but one start out as a baby and the other reincarnated by god (because he killed him on accident) to his new world as is same age, clothes and smartphone that still works Difference how they become overpowered Smartphone god grants MC the ability to use magic and buffs his memory and stamina while Wiseman's the limited knowledge and the MC mind set plus having the best trainers in magic, enchanting   read more
report Recommended by Paladin23
The MC is a person who dies then reincarnate in another world, the MC is too OP, it can use any magic, is good fighting, there's a scene where him save 2 girls in the first episode even make the same comment that the bad guy is too slow
report Recommended by elmurdoc
Both killed and taken to another world. Both super OP in all magic Both lack common sense (Isekai wa Smartphone has some common sense but still kinda clueless)
report Recommended by TheLoyalHunter
When first watching this anime, it felt similar to Isekai wa Smartphone. Not really the characters, but the plot itself and the abilites of the main character. I would recommend this anime if you like the whole idea of the main character being reincarnated from an accident and ending up with a hell ton of magical power. Similarities: - Both have the main character reincarnated into another world - Both the main characters are overpowered - Both have magic that are similar to each other (such as gate) - Both have worlds that are run by monarchy - Both drawing styles are similar Differences: - Kenja No Mago is not a harem unlike   read more
report Recommended by Nonatz
Wise man’s grand child (gonna call it wmgc) is basically an upgraded version of In another world with my smartphone imo. Not gonna get into every single detail to avoid spoilers. - In wmgc the MC Shin is reborn as a baby and is raised in the woods for 15 years by his grandpa and learns about magic in this new world. But thanks to being raised in the woods his whole life, his grandpa forgot to teach him common sense and to make friends of his age. So he doesn’t know this world’s common sense in terms of how people live there and what kind   read more
report Recommended by Kappejoj
Same OP MC, same feeling. Their teammate/friend are dumbfounded to the MC power and skills. Both got isekai'd, both use magic, both surrounded by girl. Either way, if you're looking for an OP MC, decent stuff, you can try to watch this.
report Recommended by Kohidesu_
Both feature a main character from another world who are extremely overpowered compared to everybody else.
report Recommended by jasendo
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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