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Aho Girl
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Aho Girl
Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!
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Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!
They are both comedies with a boy that just wants to live peacefully and an extremely extrovert girl who wants to hang out with him.
report Recommended by Kareit
Y'all like stoopid girl ? Then, go watch it !
report Recommended by Gud91
Similarities: -Same tsundere MC to persistent dere dere girl kind of relationship. -Same character setting where MC knew girl way back. - Same situation where MC can get rough with the girl, and girl seems to like it. Dissimilarities: -Girl in one anime had some IQ problems while girl in the other anime has some EQ problems. -MC in one anime at one point seem to like the girl....if she behaves, while in the other anime the guy like certain girl but persistent girl keeps getting in his way.
report Recommended by Horn_dawg_2019
The dynamic between both protagonists is similar. Though Aho Girl is a lot more obnoxious. Uzaki-chan is a lot more refined. And frankly, better overall. But, I wouldn't skip Aho Girl. Because the episodes are 12-minute long and they are hilarious and cute. Not every meal we have has to be a top-quality T-bone.
report Recommended by Alex796
Both anime are about quiet guys that want quiet lives which is interrupted by girls that have too much energy and fool around.
report Recommended by Sylverodds
More dumb and random story.. amd the dumbest girl you can imagine
report Recommended by GauravKG
stupid woman and a clever man :v
report Recommended by Devviolet