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Very similar animes. Tsuki ga Kirei could be seen as a version of Just Because! in middle school. Besides having the same atmosphere, the romance type is very close to the one observed in Just Because!. They seem very realistic and not sometimes overly comic and silly. The pace is very comfortable where there is no redundancies that'll make the story boring. It captures the viewer from the start until the end. The innocence of the characters in Tsuki ga is very notable. Probably its what it makes better than Just Because! where they are older. Calm, nice and very cozy school romance dramas.
report Recommended by Txickenz
- Both are original works - Both set on 3rd year students environment, though different grade - Both have semi-realistic school romance - Both have cute and pleasant vibes - Both are quite slow paced, tsukigakirei is slower - Both show anxiety, loneliness regarding graduation moment - Both will remind you of your past school days
report Recommended by Juarez
Both anime give a pleasant vibe...while watching the ep 1 i felt this gonna be as good as tsuki ga kirei ...no ...more than it the school..drama..romance..these are similar.
report Recommended by kadiveti
both tsuki and because talk about a group of characters and the development of their love life. Tsuki as a slower pace and we only follow a single couple (althought both have a love triangle) Both are slice of life and are set in high school (both in the last year of high school)
report Recommended by Paulo_Goncalves
Similar atmosphere revolves around school love life and also a love triangle
report Recommended by AsT5
Similar school atmosphere along with proper romance that both does not stall until the last few episodes before developing relationships. Just Because! has a greater sense of realism compared to Tsuki ga Kirei's lighter atmosphere, but both converge towards the same audience and both have a rather heartwarming story for romance, school and slice of life fans.
report Recommended by Hesi
To simply put it: TSUKI GA KIREI SEASON 2! just watched the first episode and I couldn't stop getting those Tsuki ga Kirei vibes. The characters seem somehow similar and the art is almost identical and it's both a calm and nice beautiful school romance story :)
report Recommended by ririrora
Both are about school life and romance, but in a soft and realistic way, what makes the animes pleasant to watch. The pace is slow, so it's possible to know and feel like the characters.
report Recommended by Nanmye
The second original romance anime of this year, with central theme of using LINE (like the Japanese version of Whatsapp or Wechat mobile social networks). Up till now, Tsuki ga Kirei has better execution and character development in my opinion, but Just Because is more if not too dramatic in comparison.
report Recommended by Manganatic
It is funny how both animes gave me the same déjà vus of the mistakes and events that happened when I started dating my first girlfriend. What I love the most about these animes, and why I specifically recommend this anime over others is because of the LINE live messages that the characters send each other, a reminder touch of how attentive we were to her/his messages.
report Recommended by AyanosSoul
Both are slow paced romance anime with similar school setting. Enjoy!
report Recommended by _Alix_
These two anime are definitely similar in many ways. However, Tsuki ga Kirei has a much more fulfilling ending as compared to Just Because. Im very conflicted in deciding which one was better. The endings of these two anime gave me a bittersweet feeling and left me longing for more. (Rated both 9/10)
report Recommended by NoticeMeSenpaai
They both are similar in a lot of ways. These two are pleasant to watch.
report Recommended by Xander_Cage
"Just Because!" is like "Tsuki ga Kirei", except with older characters (high school) and with a bit more of a focus on the whole main friend group instead of just the main couple. Oh, and also another great difference is that "Just Because!" doesn't have terrible random CGI scenes like "Tsuki ga Kirei". That should be enough of a reason to give it a try!
report Recommended by Delight-
slow pacing , school anime , not a very talkative main character , heart warming love story , no exaggerated comedy
report Recommended by dmama46
If you like true love anime, then Just Because would suit you =)))) I mean.... last year of school, romantic, etc Both anime is kind of like the same. I pretty like them
report Recommended by Minhh_Binh