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Both story revolves in a high school, and the heroine, Hanazono Hikari is as powerful as Aisaka Taiga. A great story which do not let the side characters go down, as well as great soundtracks...
report Recommended by aozuki_kei
same romance.. quite funny too.. the main characters didn't know of their feelings.. but after the episodes go by they finally realize that they like the other guy.. same school life.. and the side characters have almost the same personality [ex: akira of s.a n minori of toradora ] anyway, why is the ending always the same? but i cried anyway,, it's touching.. X3
report Recommended by azurath
Both protagonists seem to hate each other. But - what was that? - a glance of romance? ;) Romance, word & fist fights (animelike ^.^'), stong female lead with weak sides, especially in romantic moments, but nevertheless are both strong, no wussy girls. Both has school life and comedy.
report Recommended by raubkatze
Dominant female and a male character. School friendships and personal relationships
report Recommended by ProTimeWaster
Both of these anime are in a school setting and have 2 students who are known as the strongest in the school. Both anime become love stories filled with fun times together and harsh times toward the end, but both end up like most anime always do... a happy ending that ull have to watch to find out!!! (BTW: Toradora!, Kaichou wa maid-sama!, Special A, and Ouran High School Host Club are all similar anime if u were looking for others as well.)
report Recommended by Animefilledsoul2
Both series' are romantic splice of life with comedy in the story. Both series' main male protagonists are respected by anyone, but the other one is the other way around(fear by anyone). While the main female protagonist of both stories doesn't like to give up once their mind set to do something. Both series' storyline revolves around at school where every plot and twist happens there.
report Recommended by Haruchhiii
The relationship between the two main characters has this heavy antagonistic sense to it, in additional to proof that they both care a lot about each other. There's a whole "will they or won't they" vibe through it all with lots of humor but also some serious character moments. The only big difference is that one of them has a crush from the beginning.
report Recommended by broken-endings