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Although they are different types of stories, the two series share an aesthetic (childish designs that contrast with their world). Both also feature superb world-building, nice art direction, and beautiful music that manage to whisk you to another world completely. So if atmospheric world-building is your jam, definitely watch both!
report Recommended by CookieBun
Made in Abyss and Shoujo Shuumtasu Ryoukou are both very different in terms of stylization in comparison to modern anime. Made in Abyss may be more fantasy than Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryoukou but both are very sci-fi in setting, each show have extremely interesting worlds' and compell the viewer to keep watching to see what happens next. These shows are great adventure stories that also have some very serious moments that can put the viewer on edge. If you've seen one I would recommend the other for a very compelling and interesting world with a solid story line that leaves you asking questions.
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
I recommend these two like a nice wine and cheese paring. The two shows mirror many themes while evoking completely different emotions. As such, they compliment each other well. To start, we have Made in Abyss; which starts out as a hopeful tale of would be adventures and wonder. Only when we descend into the deceivingly vibrant pit does the gnawing feeling despair and hopelessness start to set in; our two protagonists in a world which could care less about their survival. The Abyss inflicting danger and peril around every corner, only increasing as they delve further into the depths, with the small hope that they   read more
report Recommended by Weapon_Master
Both series are chibi styled. Both feature strong women character. Both are in somewhat distopian world of futuristic nature with nostaligic or retro-future style (Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou is heavily styled after WW2, Made in Abyss styled in late 19th century). Both series have strong dramatic moments with comedy reliefs from time to time.
report Recommended by rabi3187
It has same art style and is also a story based on adventure , though unique its own way.
report Recommended by penate0007
Both involve the main characters surviving in a mysterious place Both have cute character designs with a touch of dark tones Both have beautiful soundtracks and yet amazing op and ed's Both have a great story telling And they have executed pretty well for their themes The difference between the two is Made in Abyss takes place in a fantasy world with more darker theme to it, while Girls Last Tour takes place in a sci-fi world while it is least darker then MiA If you like Made in Abyss, then you would probably like Girls Last Tour
report Recommended by Madison_Brown
Both share the chibi-adventure look with a nice touch of mystery sourrounding the world that makes you wonder "what has exactly happened?" A nice attention-grabbing show from the get-go that will get you hooked!
report Recommended by Salokannel2
Made in Abyss and Shoujo are two shows I overlooked because of their animation styles. While it seems childish both of these shows carry mature themes involving survival. While Made in Abyss takes on more of a fantasy theme; Shoujo has a post apocalyptic setting but both shows create the same tense atmosphere.
report Recommended by lovevillain
- Similar moe-aesthetics with cute character designs: cute kids / teens living in a unwelcoming environment and struggling to survive. - While Girls Last Tour has a melancholic tone, Made in Abyss is more psychological horror.
report Recommended by Maneki-Mew
Both have similar cute styles. Both are well executed and really get you drawn into their respective universes. Both shows gave me the same vibe and both got me thinking about the little everyday things. Giving me a sort of nostalgic feeling. Highly recommend both of these series.
report Recommended by saoirsegc
While way less provided of violence, gloom, and sense of danger, Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou shares with Made In Abyss the setting of the story: two little children exploring a dangerous and unforgiving world, where their survival is at stake. However, SSR is way more relaxed, calm, almost cozy, settled in a post-apocalyptic world without dangerous monster and hunting quest; just two kids driving through the snow and the fallen human civilization. The sense of the amaze derived from how much the world is well-built is pretty much the same in both works, though.
report Recommended by DYED
ENGLISH: Both animes convey to you a feeling of mystery and intrigue, making the perfect perfomance soundtrack in contrast to the artistic style that to my preference is fantastic. Both series are able to catch the viewer in chapter one with its perfect harmony of serenity and mystery. ESPAÑOL: Ambos animes te transmiten un sentimiento de misterio e intriga, logrando aprovechar al máximo su banda sonora en contraste del estilo artístico que a mi preferencia son fantásticos. Ambas series son capaces de atrapar al espectador en el capitulo uno con su perfecta armonía de serenidad y misterio.
report Recommended by Manuel3999
I'm pretty sure I'm not only speaking for myself when I say that Girls' Last Tour and Made In Abyss are pretty similar. Both Animes are visually appealing, and the Storys also really stands out. Not to mention the cute chibi artstyle they have going on. When I first started Girls Last Tour it gave me the same curiosity as it gave me in Made In Abyss. I wanted to explore this particular world, learn all the backstorys and how all of it came to be. That's why I think you should check out both masterpieces. Believe me, if Made In Abyss was worth   read more
report Recommended by D-K-F
Both Made in Abyss and Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou are animes that go far out of the norm. They both have dark underlying themes and on the surface, they're both really dark as well. Despite them being of completely different genres, they both share the same kind of theme of journey and in some ways, hope and hopelessness. Their similarity is much more apparent through their themes rather than their genres.
report Recommended by East
These shows are somewhat the inverse of each other; Girls Last Tour is the story of two girls trying to survive their trek to the world's highest point for salvation; Made in Abyss is about two kids trying to survive their trek to the world's lowest point for salvation. Both deal with suffering and loss and generally dark themes, presented in a deceptively cute artistic style. I wholly recommend both of these shows/manga, and particularly if you enjoy one or the other already.
report Recommended by owarida6
Aside from the fact that the main characters of each of these shows often experience plights that are by all accounts identical, the lore and themes of which both of these shows encompass are boundless and filled to the brim with awe and wonder. Made in Abyss' strengths lie in its ability to effortlessly showcase the richness and intricacies of its place and setting. Girls' Last Tour, on the other hand, doesn't go out of its way to conspicuously exhibit what it tries to do best, but rather discreetly forms its own placid narrative around the main characters and the world it has within its   read more
report Recommended by Threshould
If you like cute children in situations they shouldn't be in then you may enjoy this. It's a little more light hearted so bear that in mind.
report Recommended by LoneReborn