Vampire Knight, Dance with Devils Recommendations

Vampire Knight
If you liked
Vampire Knight
Dance with Devils
...then you might like
Dance with Devils
Supernatural creatures in love with each other ellicitly with a clash between two clans who are sworn enemies. Bishis swarming here and there. Reverse harem.
report Recommended by keyzc
-Reverse Harem
-The relationship between lead-lead and lead-second lead is almost copy-paste.
-Similar overall design.
-similar pacing.
*Vampire Knight has better writting though.
report Recommended by Mahareth
-Both anime are reverse harem.
-The guys in both anime are not humans (Vampires in Vampire Knight and Devils in Dance with Devils).
-Both anime history is mostly set on a school.
-Both anime have Romance.
-The main guy in both anime are somewhat cold towards the heroine.(Rem in Dance with Devils and Zero in Vampire Knight)
-Both anime main guy in both anime try's to protect the heroine.
report Recommended by Katorine
The two compare in terms of romance and the supernatural. If you're like me and seek a darker romance, vampire knight is one of my all time favorites and has a similar feel, yet a more developed/longer storyline and romance between the two men. Plus (in my opinion) the men in VK are much more swoon worthy.
report Recommended by ericathalea
Both have Vampires
the girls are similar in ways
Set in schools
the girls have a relationship with Vampires that they don't know about.
the Vampires attack them for a certain reason.
report Recommended by ziya123