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In both, MC likes a certain girl and that girl likes him back (for similar reasons too), but is (sort of) forced into a relationship with another girl.... Circumstances are pretty similar in both. The difference here is that Nisekoi is not ecchi nor supernatural.
report Recommended by Phazingly
Similarities -MC's that are very reserved with women -Both have the same "base" story --new outgoing girl shows up in MC's life and becomes something like a pseudo-girlfriend -Both Stories use the same tactic to advance the "PLOT" -Both MC's are obsessed with a plain reserved girl Difference: To LOVE-Ru is ecchi and Nisekoi isn't ....pretty much the same story otherwise
report Recommended by thereisonlyone
In these two anime, multiple girls fall in love with the same guy, and because of similar circumstances, the lead guy starts a relationship with a girl other than his crush from high school. Also, these are love comedies, where the main guy gets into funny situations with the female characters.
report Recommended by jose21
it's the same show 1. The Mc has a crush 2. The crush has a crush on the mc 3. They are to shy to confess 4. A new girl shows up 5. and it's a harem well to love ru has more ecchi
report Recommended by Vyta
They are literally the EXACT same anime, except To LOVE-Ru is ecchi, and is just short of turning into hentai the longer it goes on.. Really the only difference is Chitoge is tsundere while Lala is pretty straight forward with her feelings.
report Recommended by redaxe13
Due to unwanted circumstances, the main guy is in an official relationship with the main girl even though he and another girl like each other but never manage to confess. And since it's a harem, throw in tons of other girls with varying personalities and have everyone mess around each episode.
report Recommended by xxdeathx
Raku=Rito ? sure, haremness Chitoge=Lala ? the diffrence just in the personality kosaki=haruna ? they are same all the way more similarity raku-kosaki/rito-haruna are falling in love with each other and chitoge/lala came and broke it but, to love ru is too dangerous for -17 :v
report Recommended by Hiiroda
First off, both are harem based anime. The main character likes a shy girl with a short hair cut and somehow ends up engaged to another girl. The shy girl reciprocates the main character's feelings. Other girls follow. Nisekoi has WAY less "fan service" than To LOVE-Ru. However, both anime follow the lives of young students who enjoy their high school lives and are packed with comedy.
report Recommended by WeAreTheSame
Both series have the same plot where our MC's love a girl from their own class but are not able to say it until they get engaged to another girl that comes out of nowhere because of certain drastic situation. Both then have some harem comedy elements that are pretty fun to watch. The only difference is that Nisekoi is a real life school romance series whereas To-Love Ru involves many alien girls...their strange powers....but don't is not is a pure harem. BTW the number of girls in To-Love RU nearly doubles the amount in Nisekoi.
report Recommended by Erykon
This anime has many similar features or cliches -harem style love story. -some what love triangle (ex onodera>raku<chotoge,haruna>rito<lala) -lots of fan service ;^) -has comedy too -both male protagonist have the most problem of them all Yeah apart from the alien thing this two series are quite similar. I highly recommend it to the people who watched nisekoi or vice versa.
report Recommended by BarBakedQue21