Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku, Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. Recommendations

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku
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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku
Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.
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Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.
both lighthearted fantasy isekai stories with OP main characters based on light novels.
report Recommended by xarin42
Same concept. Male protagonist gets "transferred" to an RPG fantasy-like world that allows him to meet a group of girls and go on adventures while at the same time minding the difference between fantasy and real life.
report Recommended by Aleron
-both anime will offer you relax feeling when watching. -main character have good trait (kind,caring, popular with all girls) -overpower character and skill when go battle. -death march have better story line compare to Isekai wa Smartphone (more intense but still light)
report Recommended by juju20x5
Overpowered main character in another world.
report Recommended by garydai
-Both animes shows the every day life of a japanese boy in another world while being surrounded but a lot of girls. -Both MCs are OP and can use every magic possible. -Transported in another world -Both male MCs got cheat abilities, are naive and got "at my pace" personality.
report Recommended by iwsifakismag
Strong, subtle, overpowered character stuck in a game-like fantasy world.
report Recommended by UltimaPathfinder
Stories about boy who move into fantasy world and meet girls. Very similar although there are differences that characterize each story.
report Recommended by PappaWinnie
The same character plot where good luck and fortune awaits them in every the point that you'll have 2nd thoughts of whether it's worth it or.........what.
report Recommended by Whoahoho
Both are pretty good relaxing 'Isekai' harem anime with a kind/caring OP MC who treats all the girls like his family. The main characters are extremely similar and I like em both not only because they are OP but also coz they are level-headed unlike many immature brats or shitty perverts that we see in many other cliche harem shows. If you like one you will definitely like the other.
report Recommended by AngelofFrost
They both give the same feeling. with minimum light weight negativity. And to people who just watch anime for critics might not like them but both of them gave me a good feeling from the start of the first episodes. the genre of both anime match and so is the fun...
report Recommended by et_Celestosapien
Two animes so similar you'll even forget they're different animes.
report Recommended by NatoBoram
those animes are very similar their about a guy who transported to a different world also they have alot of women following the main character + all of them have magic
report Recommended by usef-sama
it is similar because of how the mc in isekai wa smart phone but the one in isekai died the mc in this anime just slept and got transported to another world
report Recommended by FTOPICD
Both "In another world" Light Novel adaptations where the main guy has a harem and is literally the most powerful OP.
report Recommended by Konkweesta
Both of these anime have similar overall plots that involves being sent to a fantasy world, that they have to learn the customs and setting of. Also, the MC is very strong in both of these anime, and they each end up with a harem (if you like that type of anime). Both of these anime are focus heavily on the daily life of the MC's and their group, but Death March portrays the adventure aspects of the plot much better overall.
report Recommended by VolcalicJaguar
The twin of death march, over powered unmatched male protagonists, travelling in another world with his harem tackling "challenges" that do not challenge them in any way or another. Generally has more fan service than Death March and male protagonist gets noticed by others more often.
report Recommended by Drenlith
It has the same Video game atmosphere and it really looks similar with each other. Both are isekai genre and the mc wake up in a strange world on Medieval period . Both are instantly OP at the very start . Both are very Soothing to watch. Both Mc is travelling with their lovely harems.
report Recommended by DShururu
Both animes share the genre "Isekai" in addition to a very overpower protagonist and a good harem.
report Recommended by ShadowMv
Both of them have the MC transferred to another world. The MC in both cases are overpowered and as a result attract a lot of female companions to accompany him in any journey he undertakes.
report Recommended by tld05
They both have a guy who is transported to another world both the characters are really kind-hearted`and both are overpowered. Great shows to relax and enjoy.
report Recommended by moneyman2205
Similarities: -Both MCs have been transferred to a parallel world (Isekai). -Both MCs encounter women that later have affections toward him. -Both MCs are overpowered. -Both MCs have harem -Both MCs remember what happened in their past life before being transferred to a parallel world. -Both MCs are/becomes rich. -Both MCs have smartphones. -Both anime does contain travelling and adventures. -Both anime have cute girls. Differences: -DeathMa involves lolis in his harem while Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni do not have. -DeathMa is based on a MMORPG and on a perspective of a player while Isekai wa is not. -DeathMa's MC can manipulate his skills in order for him to resolve his problem while Isekai wa Smartphone   read more
report Recommended by Dorajiru-kun
-It's both about boy's going to another world - They are both very overpowered - Both are harems
report Recommended by MidnightEnderman
both anime are Isekai, harem with overpower main characters the differences in Smartphone the harem is made up of adventurers and royal while death march the harem made up of slaves and a soldier. the MC interact with their harem as in Smartphone the MC is the same age and the romantic feeling of the girl for MC is more or less clear to everyone but the MC. In death march the MC is the owner of his harem minus the soldier and he older mentally as he was 29 in japan 15 in new world so he a father figure/boss to the harem in general   read more
report Recommended by Paladin23
Both of the main protagonists get transported to another world. They both get op magical powers/super powers. Both of them have a little harem.
report Recommended by Sixzt
In both anime the MC is overpowered, dense as hell and surrounded by pretty girls. I enjoyed this more because i like this "trapped in video game" theme.
report Recommended by Ddronoz
Both MC are isekaied into a fantasy world, are getting harem and are op.
report Recommended by Ashhk
-summoned to another world -got overpowered -harem
report Recommended by Shikigami28
Both anime's are about a guy travelling to another world and gaining powers that make them OP and then go on a journey across the land while gaining a harem along the way.
report Recommended by Slowe_Seb
-both characters have been transported to another world. -both characters are op. -both characters have a harem with cute girls. -both characters are nice and caring .
report Recommended by svntn