Serial Experiments Lain, Tenshi no Tamago Recommendations

Serial Experiments Lain
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Serial Experiments Lain
Tenshi no Tamago
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Tenshi no Tamago
Both give off a similar feel-- eerie, otherworldly, surreal, and at least to me it makes me feel calm. Little dialogue and lots of symbolism
report Recommended by sleepingpowder
Both deal with abstract concepts about the nature of humanity.
report Recommended by xthedestroyer
Both give the viewer a creepy feeling due to their slow pace and dark atmosphere. There is very little dialogue so it leaves their story open to interpretation, and many believe them to have religious undertones. They are quite old and the art is similar, with rather realistic character designs and strange yet beautiful backgrounds at times. However, Serial Experiments Lain is an anime where technology is almost omnipresent, while Tenshi no Tamago is a movie that takes place in a world that seems not to have any. But despite these differences, I think their mysterious side makes them really similar.
report Recommended by PlzAllow
Similar artwork, both anime rely upon silence to generate suspense and gives a surreal and meaningful nature to the show. Both display different perspectives of humanity and question it in a thought provoking manner.
report Recommended by Brentles
Both anime feature: -Bleak, melancholic art styles which reflect the overall mood of the anime quite well -Extremely unique, enigmatic presentation -Heavy use of symbolism -Cryptic dialogue which often aims to make the viewer think rather than answer their questions -Superb exploration of many interesting themes
report Recommended by Ormskati
Both of these are darkly themed, extremely unique, thought-provoking experiences with vaguely defined plots, requiring you to piece together the elements of the story to form an interpretation of what it all means.
report Recommended by Anoona
Both rely on aesthetics and atmosphere to tell most of its story and it's philosophical message. They both share dark undertones and a somewhat bleak (black-grey) colour gradient and can only be appreciated and enjoyed if you try your best to understand them.
report Recommended by StrixAnime