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Boogiepop Phantom and Serial Experiments Lain are very slow-paced and have very little dialogue. They both attempt to be philisophical....
report Recommended by SY_IS_DEAD_IRL
90's anime style ownage: dull atmosphere, squared character design, electro music on the background, overcrowded city depression, urban mysteries of the concrete-cable town, new age at its best.
report Recommended by ashura
strange deaths, beautifully haunting music, and strange color schemes make these two anime series almost siblings. . .
report Recommended by RecursiveGreen
Both mess with your brain. However, Boogiepop creeps you out with supernatural, where Lain (which does have bits of creepiness) uses the modern phenomenon of internet and the decrease in human contact. Boogiepop is perhaps less philosophical than Lain and less conceptual
report Recommended by rayyhum777
Also a very surreal anime with somewhat similar darkish style.
report Recommended by Velour
Lain and Boogiepop Phantom are soul mates; they deliver highly convoluted stories with intricate plots that are presented in a non-linear way, which allows for some extremely disorientating moments. The mood of both is very dark and menacing; virtually all scenes are charged with nervous tension. Lain is more coherently philosophical while BP is somewhat disjointed but they share the same spirit of subversive violence, enthralling confusion and constant questioning.
report Recommended by Nocturnal
Both employ a philosophic style, approaching dark, almost disturbing themes and nonlinear, vignette-effect storytelling. The character designs are similar, not surprisingly because they are done by the same artist (Shigeyuki Suga). Both series also use sparse color palettes, with Boogiepop Phantom extending it further to noise-filled, sepia tones, to reflect the anxieties and tragedies of the characters as well as give the series an over-all psychological, surreal atmosphere.
report Recommended by jutester
It seems that Lain and Boogiepop share the same gothic approach to their respective views of the world. I like how both make you really think about their true meanings and how deep they really are.
report Recommended by tranceotaku
Watching one is like watching the other. :-D Boogiepop is a more violent, mysterious, horror version of Lain. Both have schoolgirls as protagonists; both have some kind of “god” in them; both are creepy, confusing, and complex; both have awesome dark/electronic/industrial music, and the same character design, atmosphere, and slow pacing. If you liked one, you’ll love the other.
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
Darkness, mystery, psychological thriller... highly recommended !!!
report Recommended by Hipsipila
Total mind screw. Serial Experiments Lain is more understandable and has a (sympathetic and well developed) main character, while Boogiepop Phantom is more confusing and creepier.
report Recommended by Mawootad
Both are outstanding creative series, have a really alternative development, similar art, treat about dark stuff like suicide and gives a lot to think.
report Recommended by kurodayuchi
Both shows are very similar to one another, and both deal with the same basic thing, the degradation of the human mind. But while Lain deals with one single person, Boogiepop Phantom deals with a larger group of people who are all connected.
report Recommended by BaxterB
almost the same art style & similar atmosphere
report Recommended by helensan
This show shares the same character designer and key animator as Lain. It's also very dark, gloomy, and deals with how young people living in modern Japan are disconnected from one another. Boogiepop delves more into the horror genre and it's a little easier to follow, but in terms of atmosphere and storytelling style they are quite similar.
report Recommended by BelmontHeir
The two shows are both willing to progress the story without clearly defining it to the viewer in full. It instead lets you take the knowledge you have and attempt to piece the events from it. These both have effective, dark, dreary atmospheres. The artistic styles are similar and have a huge payoff when you get a full story out of it.
report Recommended by kirant
I'm sure everything about similarity of those two wonderful non-mainstream anime was said already so I'm just adding a vote.
report Recommended by permalink
similar psychologic effect, similar atmosphere
report Recommended by theoretic
Both have strange deaths and haunting music. There's a creepy atmosphere to them both. With dull blurry-like colored backgrounds and characters.
report Recommended by Deer50
Weird and obscure atmosphere, criticism of modern technology : Boogiepop seems inspired by Lain's peculiar style.
report Recommended by Retired_Sailor
Both series involve disturbing, psychological elements born through twisted technologies. Dark atmospheres encompass the lives of seemingly average students, each with their own past tragedies and/or mental instabilities. A first glance, the plotlines are confusing—albeit, both TV shows are intended for viewers who enjoy re-watching episodes to digest the subtle details, symbolisms, and intellectual undertones.
report Recommended by AiselnePN
The anime which feels the closest to Serial Experiments Lain. I am talking about the general atmosphere, though Boogiepop is more gloomy and there is no one main focus of the anime. Might be trying to watch due to the slow pace and disjointed storytelling way, but the payoff is unique-you won't find anime like this much now anymore, or even 20 years back.
report Recommended by Maggot_Brain
The general feel of both anime is similar, especially in art and sound department, but story wise Lain is more open minded with no fixed story while on other hand Boogiepop does have a story you just need to look for it.
report Recommended by Tw1x1e
Playing with the minds of people through supernatural events. Which affect people as much as their own environment. All these interconnected events with that same person in an existential challenge .
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Both Boogiepop Phantom and Serial Experiments Lain are dementia anime with a confusing yet enjoyable plot.
report Recommended by dead-leaves
Both are slow paced,dark and have little dialogue.Same solitude,same tone and same “WTF” factor.I really enjoyed both but I would recommend a rewatch to understand some aspects better. The OST are also similar:creepy but good.And I almost forgot:both have a deep message but you have to look careful to understand it.
report Recommended by -David-
I don't really know how to explain this, but they do feel similar. They're both philosophical and dementia. They start of slow paced and confusing but as the story continues, you slowly get to know the full picture.
report Recommended by FinNote
both shows tell their story through different charakters
report Recommended by idontknowman
It has psychological horror and is very confusing.
report Recommended by Jeeverz