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Both feature young women blurring the gender line with sword fights.
report Recommended by caperclaw
Rose of Versailles seems an obvious inspiration for Revolutionary Girl Utena. Set in Revolutionary France the main character is a woman raised as a man fulfilling a man's role. Much of the setting from Versailles seems to be the inspiration for the style of Utena.
report Recommended by Brand
Rose of Versailles and Revolutionary Girl Utena bring to the front the issues of gender identity. The titular heroines in these series choose to take on traditionally male roles which create a tension in these characters as they struggle to conciliate feelings with duty. In both series there is a recurring theme of roses and sword fighting; they both deal with Revolutions albeit of a very different nature and are concerned with moral nobility. Rose of Versailles has a more social and linear approach while Utena spins into a heavy psychological study that renders narrative almost obsolete. Breaking through illusions, be them class based   read more
report Recommended by Nocturnal
Both have strong female leads. Both of which meet their fragility and strive to over come it, while dealing with battles, schemes and traces of love.
report Recommended by -White_Rabbit-
Chiho Saito was probably inspired from Ryoko Ikeda's works, as these authors' styles are very alike. Utena & Versailles No Bara are quite similar, as they both involve crossdressing, sword fights, roses, drama, romance, and a rich, aristocratic setting.
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
If you liked Utena this is another anime/manga I believe you should enjoy. Utena drew inspiration from this both in setting and characters. While Rose of Versailles takes place in the country of France and isn't confined to a school setting, the focus on fighting with swords plays a big part in both anime. The decadent European lifestyle that is acted out in Utena is very much the same as is acted out in Oscar's France (balls, food, elaborate dressing, even many high culture interests). The main character in Rose of Versailles is Oscar, a woman who got a mans name because her father   read more
report Recommended by Zensational
Both are classic shoujo series featuring strong female protagonists who blur the gender line.
report Recommended by AceJade
It's been long debated that Rose of Versailles heavily influenced many elements present in Shoujo Kakumei Utena. Utena and Oscar are almost mirror images of each other.
report Recommended by ibelievetigers
Both shows have female leads who are dressing as a man, feature similar sword fights and are really emotional
report Recommended by KateSince88
Shoujo manga with shoujo-ai vibes, both have similar character dynamics of tomboy with a sword and a princess.
report Recommended by abystoma2
Besides the protagonist (Utena/Oscar) being a female character crossing the gender line, both animes deal with the complexity of love, but in very different ways. While Utena focuses on the relationships between people, Rose of Versailles focuses on love itself, the passion/attraction. They both have a ... novel view on love and romance. You also follow the evolution of the feelings of the characters, and their developpement. Though Utena is much more better when it comes to the psychology of the characters. ROV can be brillant at times and then get excessively manichean.
report Recommended by Lyleli
The main characters have some similarities and both shows have similar themes like the style and the heroic female lead. The Rose Of Versailles gets alot darker and more serious than this show, while Revolutionary Girl Utena has a bit more of a magical girl anime feel to it.
report Recommended by SanetoshiX
Utena and Rose of Versailles are two older shows, sharing a similar artstyle, which center around a girl, which is trying to blurre the gender line by becoming a prince herself. The two protagonists are similar in personality and compete in sword fights.
report Recommended by AnimeXHunter
Rose of Versailles can be rightfully said that it inspired Utena on various levels, from the main character, being woman who doesn't take herself as such, down to the romantic and moral choices they do. The various metaphores about roses, and their implication in Utena are literal example of the show's influence on each other.
report Recommended by Tyrraell
Utena is the next iteration of the ideas found in Versailles: a strong willed young woman takes on a role that is seen as masculine by acting chivalrously, wearing military uniforms, and fighting with a sword; also there is an opulent aristocratic stage set for the show.
report Recommended by RetroAnimeMike
utena was directly inspired by versailles no bara in many ways. If you like utena as a protagonist, you are sure to like the protagonist of this story as they behave rather similarly
report Recommended by ChickenClicker
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