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Versailles no Bara
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Le Chevalier D'Eon
Both BeruBara and Chevalier feature crossdressing and genderbending main characters in a revolution-era French setting that's as accurate as possible, sans the liberties that, of course, had to be taken to create the story.
report Recommended by Anomalous
So lets see. The only reason why I finde this 2 series verry similar is the main charachter and the historic theme of bouth animes.In Le Chevalier D'eon as well as in Rose of Versailles we have the main charachter who is stucked betwen 2 faces. The face of a woman or the face of a man. In Rose of versailles Oscar was raised as a man, but she is going to love as a woman. Determinated, courageous and proude as a man, but fragile like a woman. In Le Chevalier D'eon our main charachter, a male is possesed by his twin sisters soul who   read more
report Recommended by Tessa
Historical anime about France, Versailles, aristocracy, with plenty of sword duels. Both series play with the gender of the main character (crossdressing in Versailles No Bara, gender bender in Le Chevalier D'Eon). While one has more drama and romance, the other is more into the horror/supernatural side.
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
Both stories take places in history at the same time and both contains same historical characters, but Le Chevalier D'Eon is much darker and includes supernatural accidents.
report Recommended by Kio_
Both anime take place in France during king Loui's XIV reign and focuses on a knight's interesting story about his (fe)male nature.
report Recommended by melisenth
Two historical fiction anime set in pre-Revolutionary France. 'Rose' is a swashbuckling adventure/romance while 'D'Eon' is a Gothic horror/mystery. 'Rose' is the superior title, but both will be enjoyable to fans of historical fiction.
report Recommended by PowerUpOrDie
Many similarities. Older anime, historical France, one has a cross-dressing female swordsman and the other (Chevalier) has a similar character based on a transgender historical figure (except in this version, it's a man who becomes his sister as part of her soul's search for revenge.) They both may be slow going but are well worth it and they are underrated.
report Recommended by tenshimoonbunny