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-similar personalities (robot-style personality trying to discover human emotions) -voice actors sound almost the same -good artwork/animation -''short-story'' style format just like evergarden (MC has to do XYZ each episode) The main characters share the literal same personality is like a 10/10 combo popeyes deal. both anime are really similar.
report Recommended by anime_master111
One character acts like a android, the other one is an android. Both explore the lives of those around them and through their experiences grow personally. Some great animation in these shows as well along with some great emotional moments and OST's.
report Recommended by RealMTL
- Both titular characters try to discover human emotions throughout the entire story. - Both titular characters are very skilled when it comes to fighting. - Even though Violet Evergarden takes place in the past and Vivy in the advanced future, both anime are based on the main characters' journey to find what they desire. - Violet and Vivy nearly have the same personality.
report Recommended by aquatar
They both have girls who are robotic. Violet is a human who does not understand human emotions, and Vivy is an Android who is trying to learn human emotions. They both express themselves in a form of art. Vivy in her singing and Violet in her letters.
report Recommended by TheRedLine
Both Violet and Vivy/Diva as female titular leads start out quite similarly with their autonomic personality and dialogue as well as a constrained sense of emotion. Due to the circumstances of their respective stories, both are assigned to some sort of job or mission that'll require them to meet and interact with many different individuals. It would end up as a journey of self-discovery and soul-searching for the two, as the accumulated experiences will drive their character progression and realization. Violet Evergarden is more episodic and focused on beauty and human emotions, while Vivy Fluorite Eyes Song is more plot-oriented and has more sci-fi / dark   read more
report Recommended by Ryuseishun
Both have a protagonist who are emotionless on the surface and learning to be human Both are episodic in nature Both have mini character stories that sometimes tie into one another, but are largely independent Both handle the ethics of war Thematically the same
report Recommended by N3rdieBirdie
Both main characters have an autonomic, robotic way of speaking. Their emotions are kept in check at the beginning and they're the strong female lead characters we like to see. Both main characters are beautifully animated and are visually pleasing. The plots on both are completely different but Violet and Vivy are quite similar in nature.
report Recommended by salt-bae
Both MC are non-sentimental "machines", and yet Vivy is still releasing it seems that the plot will be very similar to Violet's, the MC who begins with a machine-like mentality starts evolving and developing sentiments. Both directions are on another level and the art is superb.
report Recommended by eMeKappa
Both of these shows are about main characters that each story is named after learning how to feel. Violet was made into a machine by the military, while Vivy is a literal android. To Violet, life's greatest question is "What does 'I love you' mean?" and to Vivy it is "What does it mean to sing with all your heart?", but both of these questions ultimately have the same answer, which cannot be explained through words, but only through experience. This experience, in both shows, takes the form of a series of arcs dealing with different kinds of emotional stories.
report Recommended by Bocazon
The series are not that similar, but the MCs are: they both struggle in the search for the meaning of "love" and/or "heart". They have similar personalities and are into a type of art (Violet in writing letters, Vivy in singing). I highly recommend both series. Violet is more on the emotional side, and Vivy has more action scenes. Also, both have amazing OST and animation.
report Recommended by Elzombi47
Exterior screams cold, solitary, lone, insensitive, but on the inside, these lovely ladies are anything but. On an adventure they possibly could not imagine would bestow them, comes Violet and Vivy taking on one of the biggest, if not, the biggest moments of their lives in the entire span of their respective anime. What comes across this journey is not simply just moving forward, but the people met, the interactions and motivations of others, and simply everything as a whole. VE's plot allows this to happen in frictionless effect, considering that the story is based on an individual, Violet Evergarden, working as an auto memory doll.   read more
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Main character are similar, Violet evergarden is viewed as a doll and Vivy is an AI Both character lacks emotion and empathy, and both are skilled in combat Animation are top tier, by WIT Studio and Kyoani Violet Evergarden focuses towards Drama and understanding love while Vivy: Flourite Eye's Song is more about action and changing the future
report Recommended by Zestiria
Some phrases we often use, we have an innate understanding of, but explaining them to someone is suddenly more complicated. These two anime are at their core what happens if a character with no understanding of emotions try to understand one of those phrases through meeting a lot of different characters and both anime handle this fantastically.
report Recommended by JWolf2000
If you are looking for a journey of self-discovery, you should definitely give it a try! ^^ Also, the visuals for both anime are ~breathtaking~. While Violet Evergarden feels more like a episodic narrative, Vivy has a clearer and more objetive plot. And, as far as I can tell, doesn't really interfere with the whole "meaning in life" theme that Violet and Vivy -a robot-like girl and a real robot with AI- have in common. Of course, I'm not doing a full comparison between both, but if it caught your interest, you can always check the first few episodes of the anime. o/
report Recommended by Yuzo_Ito
Both anime has a similar Main character personality Both anime has amazing animation
report Recommended by Vee_And_Vee
Great Female Main characters.
report Recommended by ReiFresterASR
Having an amazing soundtrack, splendid animation, an astonishing premise, and a well-written character like what can you even ask for more? These shows are absolute gems, having a high-quality attribute that I can assure anyone would enjoy. About female robots with some high-tech functioning artificial intelligence; but despite that, they don't know how to feel appropriately or what emotions really are. So if you're planning on watching these, then you'll be on quite a ride as there are so much character development and sorrowful yet heartwarming moments involved.
report Recommended by Solaris-----
both have similar personalities and both want to know the meaning of something.
report Recommended by itz_lelouch
Both shares how main characters don’t know well or how to express their ”feeling” or “emotions,” but as they work throughout the story, they learn how to express or understand what feelings or emotions are
report Recommended by DoubleBox
Both feature protagonists who are used to achieve specific goals learning to get in touch with their "humanity", in a sense, though both protagonists are decidedly different, with one being a very advanced ai and another being an actual human. They learn to interact with and become close with the humans around them and they're both relatively short series with quality art and animation.
report Recommended by ShadowLight13
Both are great shows about the main character going on a mission to find themselves. Both have amazing animation and story with a great MC.
report Recommended by ThomasN428
Both the animes animation is top tier, our female protagonist in their respected series want to make other happy and they can sacrifice themselves to achieve that , Jam packed with dramatic and emotional episodes, good sound track and animation with well written characters
report Recommended by ZXEAN
To keep it short both have amazing soundtracks and while Violet Evergarden searches to find what love means, The MC in VFES looks to find what it means to put your heart into something.
report Recommended by a-t2710
- Very beautiful animations; -The personality's MC are very similar; -Other people are priority for Vivy and Violet; - Very serious and learning about expressions and feelings; - Warriors; - Determined MC. - Used for some plan, but in their journey these girls are learning so much about humans, feelings and situations.
report Recommended by Biarogs
Even tho they have different settings these two anime are honestly pretty similar!! - Similar mcs with similar goals - Both have short story arcs that last 1-3 episodes - Sad moments and action scenes - Literally beautiful animation - osts that fit the story/setting really well
report Recommended by Werewolf900
Violet Evergarden: A story about a strong female protagonist, who had a traumatic past, of being in the military in a young age and losing her loved one. She is on her journey to feel different emotions she has never felt. She is keen to know the meaning of the word-"Aishiterue", she does this by writing different letters as her job Vivy the eye fluorite song: A story about a strong female protagonist, who is actually a robot in a very advanced word, on her journey to feel different emotions and emotions that humans feel. She learns new emotion each time she saves a being. She   read more
report Recommended by KeepWeebingGuys
Both protagonists have very similar personalities + Beautiful animation and Ost's.
report Recommended by misprout
The main characters of both of these animes totally give the same vibe. They both try to understand human nature, even their voice acting is similar. So if you liked Violet Evergarden you might like Vivy
report Recommended by Dhanraj_
Violet and Vivy are very similar characters and they have the same obstacle of understanding certain emotions. Although Violet Evergarden is more sad and the setting is different the shows feel very similar
report Recommended by KSores
They both have girls who are robotic, Violet is a human who does not understand human emotions, and Vivy is an Android who is trying to learn human emotions, They both express themselves in a form of art, Vivy in her singing and Violet in her letters,
report Recommended by Makima_D_SIMP
yea, just like everyone said both anime are kinda similar,both shows are dealing about how the MCs trying to connect with people and learning human emotions,while episodic i think vivy gonna have more connected story on later episodes, bonus point for both anime have good artstyle.
report Recommended by Yorumirreina
-Both Mc In The Anime Are Trying To Understand Feelings... -Both Anime Have Similar Vibe... -Both Anime Are Sad...
report Recommended by Hieng
~similar female personalities. ~one is writing other is singing. ~great OST's and beautiful animation .
report Recommended by KioSensei
many things are similar from the characters to the art , if you like Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song the violet evergarden is a must
report Recommended by SirBennyBoy
they're similar in terms of the main characters and their predicaments. Violet wants to find out what love means and is working as an auto memory doll as she strives toward finding out, while Vivy wants to know what it means to sing with your heart, and ends up in an action packed rescue-the-world-mission while still holding on to her inner aspiration. Both Violet and Vivy have similar personalities as well, wether it's a result of being raised as a war-machine, or just plain being an AI-driven robot. In short terms, they both encapsulate the adventures of a peculiar female protagonist in the persuit of   read more
report Recommended by Askm3
Vivy and VE both tackle very similar themes and have very similar messages. Vivy herself and Violet are almost the same exact character, in that they start as near blank slates, and through viewing people and their emotions, cone to understand the human condition and feelings.
report Recommended by anthermi
The MC seeks to understand the meaning of a feeling that an important person has left for her. Both meet other characters who help them with their feelings through many experiences and difficulties.
report Recommended by H-Japo
Both anime has Female as MC and both of them search for a meaning of feeling and love
report Recommended by Lin808
I think that Vivy is a Violet Evergarden with a little bit of Detroit Become Human. The two protagonists of these two anime do not understand how to deal with feelings and I also think that they both have the same way of thinking. Both animes have a great soundtrack/opening/ending. I think Vivy has better animation and art than Violet Evergarden, but the difference is not so stark. Conclusion: If you liked Vivy, go now to see Violet Evergarden because you probably like her better.
report Recommended by Urzozo90
Both anime has a similar thematic and great animation! Main character personality are the same: a protagonist who are emotionless and learning to be human.
report Recommended by VitorConti
similarities beetween them they both skilled in combat both amazing animations both anime are based on the main characters' journey to find what they desire both MC similar personalities and try to understand human emotions vivy fluorite eye's song story about the first autonomous AI was created to make people happy with her songs and distracted by matsumoto a ai 100 years into the future to save the wolrd Violet evergarden's story about violet who was a forme soldier. after the war, she decided to work as an auto memory doll/ghost writer for people who could not write or ask for help in expressing their   read more
report Recommended by HEROxenpai
These two shows depict the fragile life of human beings as time passes by.Feelings are meant to conveyed,it could be either through letters or songs but the primary thing is to express it.
report Recommended by Hokage_2025
Both characters go through a process of completing a goal that was set for them and motivates them throughout the story. A big part of this is finding what it the meaning of life is for each character. They take a similar path in the sense that they choose do the right thing when possible and help anyone in need.
report Recommended by Zoopiez
Both protagonists go through an experience of self-discovery and a certain kind of discovering more about their emotions and the world around them.
report Recommended by Hon3yPie