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Violet Evergarden
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Violet Evergarden
Fumetsu no Anata e
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Fumetsu no Anata e
If you enjoyed the drama in violet's story u might also enjoy the well-written story of the immortal creature.
report Recommended by adaachii
I find the MC quite similar because they don't know much about themselves or the world and throughout their journey they learn a lot about it. Both of them meet a number of people who have their own stories and situations.
report Recommended by Neztrexia
I feel like if you like one you would like the other. Both are extremely emotional anime about a main character that was dull at first, and then as they go through shit they start developing themselves, their feelings and sense of thought. I watched both of these and enjoyed them equally. If u want something to sob to then put on this and see if you are up to the challenge. Can you not cry?
report Recommended by NoonDaMoon
A protagonist with little emotions learning the tragedies of human lives.
report Recommended by oikawa_the_door
The protagonists follow a path to self-discovery. They both had dramatic encounters with many who contributed to their experience of love and sincerity. They both started not knowing anything about the world, but their encounters with different people changed them. Their stories are similar in concept, but one is an immortal who seeks understanding of humanity through exploration while the other is a doll who writes thoughts of others into paper. They are both great dramas that should be recommended from the other.
report Recommended by OmniCheese
Both MCs are cold and emotionless at the start of the show. Both of their story progresses by them encountering different types of people. Violet meets several people to understand the meaning of "love" while the orb (name of MC is sort of a spoiler) goes on a journey and spends time with the people that it meets as it learns how to be human along the way. Oh yeah, both shows are also depressing af.
report Recommended by ricochett
Both the MCs are inexperienced on how a normal person lives their daily life. They both are very strong, you may even say overpowered compared to the other casts in their shows but they carry a heavy burden on themselves one full of regrets. Both the storylines have very well written plots.
report Recommended by weeb-ish
Both anime are about the journey of empty shells, who develop human emotions through the series of people they meet.
report Recommended by goura
Both are about hollow people who dont understand human emotions and they slowly get better and better at understanding humans and their emotions.
report Recommended by Jay_Jayerson
Both main character goes through an adventure and meet different kinds of people , learning different lessons in life. Flow of the story is pretty predictable yet its still heart wrenching
report Recommended by eivann