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These are both stories of love and loss, and give off the same warm feeling (coated with a splash of darkness). Both main characters are trying to discover what love is (in various ways), and trying to find their place in a world that doesn't really want them around. The art in both is fantastic, as is the music. Characters are also fleshed out and enjoyable. Bring tissues, these are two emotional roller-coasters you won't want to skip.
report Recommended by Xaeveax
- Both give similar feelings and bring alike atmosphere. - Both will probably make you cry. - Protagonists don't fit in society due to being different from most people, and animes focus a lot on their personal development. - Kind bittersweet story. - Both main heroines are blond, duh.
report Recommended by Kurosawa-san
Both main characters are detached from the norms of society due to their past upbringings, and go through quite a bit of characterization and development as their respective story progresses. In both cases, they were bittersweet and show the hardships and realities of life, even in fantastical settings (though Sayonara no Asa is more supernatural/magical by nature). Both shows' animation are among the best in the recent years, and arguably ahead of their time.
report Recommended by Ryuseishun
Both anime have similar bitter-sweet atmosphere, telling a story of girls who doesn't fit into society and how they learn about the world as well as how to overcome obstacles on their way. Both tales are very emotional and more likely will make you cry at some point.
report Recommended by Kuriko-san
There is a very simile feel between these two. They both have female mane characters and have a bitter sweat story about people struggling with there emotions and coming to grips with what has happened in there past. Also the artwork in both these show is amazing, the overall feel of the show is smiler as well despite the fact that violet evergarden is light fantasy at best.
report Recommended by FurbyOfDeth
Both SayoAsa and Violet are linked to one thing: character development as an important narrative element. This is the reason to watch, you want to see the characters being alive in the work.
report Recommended by Darumyro
Conflict is bad. But with its destruction it brings, the aftermath that comes after it can sure change one's life forever long. This is true for both Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms and Violet Evergarden. Both heroines Violet and Maquia suffered from confliction between two different groups, only to distance away from the troubles and live a new life finding meaning in what should be an obvious answer to a simple question. That is, being a mother in Promised Flower, and what "I love you" means in VE. Both are great visual masterpieces filled with heartfelt emotions and amazing soundtracks to accompany it.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
The main theme I notice with these two animes is that the main characters are both girls who don't "fit in to society" (Violet being a girl raised for war is now trying to find meaning in her life after the war, and Maquia belonging in a race of immortals secluded from humanity). Both girls have amazing character development as the show progresses as they learn about the world around them. Both have stunning visuals and great ost, as well as bittersweet and emotional moments. Bring tissues.
report Recommended by dardardarner
You may experience an extremely familiar vibe from watching these two shows. Visually, they have an indistinguishable use of colours and astounding animation to enhance overall enjoyment. Furthermore, both series feature stories with excellent development and heartfelt emotions and can be very rewarding after spending your time viewing. No argument, you may find yourself in tears after watching these.
report Recommended by Angroooo
-Both Can make You Cry- -Both are about learning emotions and who you are- -In my opinion they both have an amazing message in the end-
report Recommended by cherri-pie
Visually spectacular movies (and show) about the lives of young women. Both are true tear-jerker dramas.
report Recommended by sadek3008
The parallel I'm drawing between these two is the theme of coming of age. Certain Violet episodes, particularly the one with the mom sending letters to her daughter, share certain aspects to the overall progression of the relationship between Ariel (son) and Maquia (mother). Although I'm not a fan of the fantasy-driven world in Sayonara, the end of the movie was heartbreaking nonetheless.
report Recommended by Kool-Kaa9
Explored the same themes but a episodic exploration of emotions
report Recommended by DecaChin