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Toradora! reminds me a lot of Midori no hibi Ryuuji and Seiji are very similar. both epic and funny as hell. both animes have the same genres, except for toradora not being echii, and are good entertainment. both worth watching, thats for sure!
report Recommended by BlackListHunter
school stuff, schoolboy who everyone thinks is intimidating delinquent from looks, though actually very nice personality, likes random girl, but gets close to another in order to reach goal, eventually developing love between schoolgirl who tries (or indirectly) to correct his image, comedy, touch of drama....same old
report Recommended by sugarplumfairy
Both series contains the typical main protagonist who at first has no luck with girls. However, as the series progresses, he makes connections with other characters including the main female protagonist and forms a bonds with them that begins with friendship, towards respect, affection, and later romance. Both series features the romantic comedy genre that has a somewhat predictable story but nonetheless executed well that expands beyond the fan-service and more into the drama mixed in with comedy and later on, emotional type. Like romantic comedies, both series feature love trials/triangles, misunderstandings, and a main protagonist treasures their bond with the girl that they respect and later   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
Seiji and Ryuuji are really similar. Guys that look scary but really aren't. They're both the same genre and they're both really funny, but can also be somewhat serious at times. Overall they're both really enjoyable!
report Recommended by Qwertyxo
The relationship of these two series is as follows: - The protagonist is a boy who has not had luck in love, due to his appearance as a delinquent, and that hides a good boy inside. - He becomes involved with a girl, which becomes part of his life, where she will show his true nature to him, and together they will join forces so that she, can get her happiness. - Both the protagonist of Midori no Hibi and the girl protagonist of Toradora, have nicknames due to their strength, where anyone who is against you, can be affected. The series seek to show that we do not   read more
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Similarity - Both main male characters are not either handsome or cool but they are nice - school life Which one is better? Toradora
report Recommended by reren
Both protagonist are feared by others. (Toradora) Ryuuji is feared because of the way he looks and Seiji (Midori Days) is feared because of his reputation of beating up dellinquents. Both Toradora and Midori Days are Romantic Comedies and have protagonist that realize at the end of the series that the person they truly loved was right beside them the whole time and they never realized it before.
report Recommended by NitrogenAA
Midori no Hibi is a hidden gem that’s the closest anime to Toradora! that I’ve seen. Both Seiji and Ryuuji are kind guys that look scary on the outside. Midori looks exactly like a green haired Minori, and both anime are very funny! The art styles are very similar as well. However, Toradora! focuses a bit more on the romance part than Midori no Hibi, and Midori no Hibi has quite a bit of ecchi scenes. However, both are very good romcom anime. Check out one if you liked the other. Have fun!
report Recommended by SebCyrSC2000