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Two hardcore hack and slash shows. While Berserk is most likely more on the \"darker\" side of the two, both are still definitely a guy\'s \"beat the crap out of them\" type of show. Brutal, but each has a touch of emotion here and there.
report Recommended by Xinil
Somewhat similar in atmosphere and style, though the plots are quite different. Both feature a quiet lead with an enormous sword, plenty of hacking and slashing in a medieval setting, and a cruel and brutal environment. Berserk is particularly harsh, but living in Claymore\'s world is certainly no cakewalk.
report Recommended by Krelian
Claymore has the closest feel to Berserk, Claymore is a shounen, yet it feels like something so much more... or to put in a better way, Claymore is the Shounen Berserk.
report Recommended by RazzleDazzle
Your slash-and-hack-gory-ish series has just gotten better. Both compares similarly because as it inclines to shounen fans alike. Awesome sword fight scenes, good artwork and a deep storyline which makes Claymore a good series to follow if you like Berserk before. A sure must anime for those who want gore to the max and of course...BLOOD! ^__^
report Recommended by leonmcnicol
Both heavy action series with an excellent story and superb character development .
report Recommended by MistaNight
Take everything that made berserk amazing.... its amazingly human characters and their development, its dark fantasy universe, its sheer brutality, and its non linear storytelling, and place all of them in another series aimed at a wider audience with a female lead... you get claymore
report Recommended by Megadedhed
Claymore is basically Berserk with females doing all of the killing, instead of just being raped. They are both set during the medieval period and have very dark, revenge-driven stories. Although the actual plots differ considerably, the fact that both are dark fantasy series where gigantic sword are used and people turn into man-eating monsters is more than enough reason for a fan of one to try the other.
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
The Berserk and Claymore universes have very similar atmospheres, alot of action and alot of demon killing. Claymore and Berserk both have very good storylines as well, and grow increasingly more interesting every episode.
report Recommended by Skarith
If you like dark fantasy anime like Claymore, I heartily recommend Berserk. It's a (much) darker medieval anime with a really engaging plot. If you gave Berserk a miss the first time round or are new to anime (but loved Claymore), I think you'd be remiss to not grab a copy of Berserk :)
report Recommended by chuyeow
berserk and claymore may have some similar stuff(big swords, demon slashing, etc.) but they are in no way comparable, both storys are so different like bananas and oranges, berserk is much more anime than claymore but still, claymore is good enough to recomend it.
report Recommended by Xceed
Monster fighting, not always ends well, gore scenes, dark ambience
report Recommended by dan_alex
Medieval time setting is the standardfor both. Higher powered supernatural beings with a stake in the outcome is also a shared attribute. Both treat blood loss as no big deal and both thrive on despair when the chips are down. Big swords and a mercenary type attitude are a constant in both.
report Recommended by TheTaxiAE
Both titles have tragic heroes with big swords who slay demons and struggle with their own humanity.
report Recommended by saka
The main similarity between these two animes is they both have a dark, at times depressing mood and take place in the medieval era. They also both contain a lot of gore, action and demons. Berserk surpasses Claymore in that it has a greater variety and better development of its characters. Berserk also has a powerful underlying romance, similar to Claymore.
report Recommended by Foxyknoxicle
As noted by others, there are many similarities, and if you liked one, you'll almost certainly like the other. Both take place in a dark fantasy world and medieval setting. Both focus on a character who lost someone dear to them and is on a journey to find the killer, a being with awesome power evolved beyond the main character's current ability to defeat. Death, fighting, and monstrous powers and beings abound.
report Recommended by rowyn
Both have Anti-Social characters who fight monsters with Huge swords in a dark and "mature" world. Blood, Gore and Sexual Themes are present in both, although more frequent in Berserk.
report Recommended by O1av
Both have many addictive and great characters (and, maybe, Teresa is even better then Guts!), well animated fights and are very-very attractive in general. But that's all, though Berserk is really the most (maybe, even only) similar to Claymore.
report Recommended by MaxCrank
You gona love this one!It has the same atmosfaire and brutal sword fights that will leave you satisfied! Blood,violent scenes are on the plus side.It even has the same disappointing ending!
report Recommended by Nosakos
Two animes with medieval theme and supernatural monsters. They got very much in common.
report Recommended by GundamDuoMaxwell
both character have same profession as mercenaries,traveling from town to town their face strong opponent but they manage to survive and complete the task.They have also using big sword to slay their enemies and they also strength beyond normal human.a lot action in this series it's not boring to watch.I recommended you to watch this anime.if you like action series.
report Recommended by TX-1000
Both shows involve a powerful main character cutting down every demon in their path. Both shows have a very depressing atmosphere and are very dark in terms of the story. I enjoyed Claymore more, but Berserk is definitely the darker and more violent of the two.
report Recommended by FishPhoenix
Both are bloody and hardcore fights anime's while having feelings as a topic.
report Recommended by Charette
Although plots are quite differing, both are mature, gritty, violent, dark fantasy series' with similar vibes.
report Recommended by RandomChampion
Both series deal with inhuman fighting power and have strong supernatural elements. Claymore has mostly female fighters while berserk has mostly male fighters. This being the primary difference they are otherwise fun to watch for action and an interesting plot. Of the two I would say Claymore is better because of a few problems with Berserk such as its brevity (unlike the eternally long manga) and some artistic oddities some people can't deal with (one enemy takes the form of a serpent with a man's face inside its mouth which is dumb). Other than that berserk is a good series although it has a somewhat   read more
report Recommended by Moonmonk
Both are filled with great sword fights, and gory deaths. These series are action packed and are very enjoyable. Plus the main characters, Guts and Clare carry big ass swords, and how can you go wrong with a big ass sword?
report Recommended by MyNameSucks
These shows share the same atmosphere and they have similar animation style. Although, in my opinion there is a huge gap in quality between these two series, I know that there are a lot of people out there who loves Claymore, unlike me. They consist of similar fighting styles, in addition.
report Recommended by Adramelech
Well their is what the eye see's big swords, monsters, and lots of blood. Then their is what you may feel which was for me pleasantly unpleasant watching both protagonists learning how to care for others which knowing their pasts is difficult for them. Above all what both shows have made me feel is a sense of hopelessness that no other anime/movie has cast upon me, and with the death of hope is the birth of fear.
report Recommended by GutsofBerserk
Both of these shows are violent with the theme of revenge. Berserk imo has less gore but more nudity compared to Claymore. I also find Berserk to have the better story but both are very enjoyable dark fantasy anime.
report Recommended by Dashiawia
Both are mature, revenge themed stories taking place in medieval settings.
report Recommended by shizwizard
Similar setting, characters opening up, Berserk offers a more adult oriented approach but Claymore brings in it's own way a charm that reminded me of Berserk.
report Recommended by JonasHansen
Both have a strong character that is kinda the main force that drives the story. Time period I'd would say is similar. Sort of medieval, so lots of sword fights and armor. If you enjoy either one you'd want to watch the other.
report Recommended by toniyksi
Both are dark anime focusing on a main protagonist in q battle between evil and good
report Recommended by shahzain
If the giant swords, demons, medieval fantasy setting, isolated-but-ridiculously-awesome hero, and tons of gore are some of your favorite parts of Berserk, then you'll almost certainly find something to love in Claymore.
report Recommended by snck
They both feature people with massive sword and both have dark theme with berserk being the darker of the two.
report Recommended by Vi-Heart
Its about swordsmen trying to find purpose, other than just fighting, while also increasing in their skills as swordsmen.
report Recommended by Dwarfking45
Both anime have awesome fight scenes In both anime the main enemies are demon/demon like beings Both MC are on a journey to take revenge
report Recommended by Jinx_619
+ These two have an extremely similar atmosphere to them + Both of them are dark fantasies set in medieval times + Both protagonists carry huge swords + Although later in Berserk, the main characters' motive is revenge against devils + Not too much in Berserk anime, the leads have to fight against demons + Both anime are dark and violent - As mentioned earlier, the motives for each character are different for the most part of the series - Berserk heavily focuses on fighting against humans for the most part, not demons - Genders... Claymore has strong female characters while Berserk has strong male characters, speaking of majority
report Recommended by One
Dark fantasy, lots of blood, huge swords and demonic creatures
report Recommended by Mauii
Both are great dark fantasy shows. Recommended for all fans of good slashers.
report Recommended by susan00
Both anime are set in dark, fantasy worlds with Berserk being a bit more dark, grounded and "realistic" compared to Claymore. Both protagonists have a dark past or have gone through some sort of past trauma which is explored in both series (with varying levels of depth). Berserk and Claymore both share a very similar tone/atmosphere. Both anime feature great action scenes resulting in a lot of blood and gore. For those that loved Berserk, Claymore is a must watch.
report Recommended by Squishie
Berserk follows the dark fantasy setting of Claymore, though if anything Berserk is even darker.
report Recommended by KurtZysa
Lots of action , they bof have the same type of storyline that mix good with the action .
report Recommended by bread_eater
Both take place in a gritty fantasy world. Focus more on physical fighting as opposed to magic. They are both more of what you might expect a fantasy setting to be like as opposed to an anime or jRPG like fantasy world.
report Recommended by INeedAnAlias
Dark fantasy series that could use a remake, but are still serviceable in their animated form. Well written characters and gritty tone.
report Recommended by charlodarlo
Both have a lot of fighting in them, however I would say Berserk is darker.
report Recommended by dipperdolphin
This series both have Medieval Era vibes with Shape shifter monsters and terrifying demons. No Overpowered Abilities just pure skills. The Action is pretty good, and the animation is smooth.
report Recommended by Edgyson
If you liked Berserk, Claymore has the same amount of energy in its episodes. it has blood, swords, action. I myself was a bit weary at first, but I have to say that Claymore become very addictive after a while. May I dare say better? One thing is certain, Claymore is less realistic than Berserk (if your comparing the 1st episode anyways). Just watch it, and you wont regret the thrill of blood and action!
report Recommended by saintsinn
Both series are dark, cruel, with little to no anime cliches and set in medieval times. They also provide a vast variety of cool and interesting characters, both humans and monsters. I find the monsters especially intriguing because every monster has it's own unique appearance and i just very like and respect the amount of creativity put into them. If you like to see great battles, neither of this series will disappoint you. Many of these battle will be a "life or death" situation and not everyone will survive by using the power of friendship or something like that. The story of Claymore is more simple   read more
report Recommended by Rokudo30
The closest I've seen to berserk. Medieval with a dark atmosphere. Both also very memorable and Badass.
report Recommended by Iceballs