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Both have actual sex, deal with unrequited loves, and using others to feel better emotionally, even though they may not have strong feelings for that person. Both have this adult relationships feeling to them. Watching "Domestic na Kanojo" brought "Kuzu no Honkai" to mind quickly, and considering that 8 others also suggest it to this anime in relation, I'd say the similarity between the two is strong. I personally liked "Kuzu no Honkai" more, but if these are your types of shows, don't let that stop you from checking out "Domestic na Kanojo".
report Recommended by Kese04
hehehe beyond the fact of fucking hard with the wrong people... is a teen drama that involves relationships with adults... is that perhaps that is the reason why adults and teenagers should not be involved amorously and sexually?... those who grow up to look for themselves and those who still grow up having dilemmas in their adult love lives... that is the way to adulthood, it is a feeling that turns trash... the pursuit of pleasure... and love... a painful sex, domesticate... trash...? By the way both Ops are the best with respect to these NTR frames that I've heard in my entire life!
report Recommended by Ironwarrer
the whole dramatization of both shows is just incredible, the dark and sad truth about loving someone in a relationship hits home. If you liked one you'll surely love the other, both are a 10/10 from me <3
report Recommended by samuel1260
They've both got a similar feel to them. The way both show the physical side of relationships is what connects them the most. They both also showcases how they fell in love to the person they are not supposed to love. Their love is forbidden in their situation.
report Recommended by senseicat
Domestic na Kanojo and Kuzu no Honkai both are about a mc with an one sided love of which they know can never be realised. They both contain sex scenes and have a lot of drama.
report Recommended by Reapermask
When I first read the synopsis I already knew that it's going to be one hell of a ride, and I was correct! THESE ladies & gentlemen is what I call a mature yet brutally touching romance! It's not your casual "Let's bang!" *MC blushes and runs away* anime, noo if you thought that's that you were dead wrong... These shows cover how heartbreaking love is, it's not a lovely fairy tale, in life it almost never is, and these two very well show it.
report Recommended by 2ego
Both shows deal with forbidden love and deal with more darker topics within the romance genre. Both shows also are more lustrous than pure in terms of romantic content
report Recommended by Short_Circut
-cheating -main character both in love of their teacher and a kid from their age -inner monologues reverb
report Recommended by HHAlexo
Both have the same romance, where the relationship were seemly complicated to comprehend.
report Recommended by JiangHaoyi1979
Both address the same kind of problems about love and being loved. Most similar thing would, in my opinion, be how they go about sexuality in these animes; in both it is something serious. Other than these two animes I have yet to find one that doesn't make a joke of anything close to sexuality.
report Recommended by ROTRUY
If you enjoy watching a romance based on shitty people interactions like Domestic na Kanojo, Kuzu No Honkai is your anime, but this time the characters are a huge pile of garbage. Poorly considering any emotion, both animes seek to acomplish individual character desires, ignoring how every one else would feel about it. They just keep using each other until there's no reason for it. I really hated both animes, but if you have the feeling this is "the real world", I suggest you to see this series and a psychiatrist.
report Recommended by MatheusSF0