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Although Handa in reality isn't as great compared to Sakamoto-kun, the two series are focused on how great both characters are and how they're worshiped at school.
report Recommended by Aleron
Absolutely funny
report Recommended by CandyRat
Both shows are focused on the protagonist and how popular they are. Both are comedies and nearly every joke has something to do with the protagonist.
report Recommended by RealMTL
Both are school animes that focus on the main character and how he's loved and respected by all from their respective schools. The main difference is that in "Sakamoto desu ga?", Sakamoto's clout is well earned as he is amazing at everything he does, while in "Handa-Kun", Handa is the most popular kid in his school solely though the fact that it's a giant misunderstanding which never gets rectified.
report Recommended by g0tadman
Both anime deal with a student who stands out. Sakamoto desu ga has a protagonist who is famous because he does crazy things, while Handa kun has a protagonist who has a huge reputation built on a series of misunderstandings. Both series have similar type of humor.
report Recommended by DarthBob
These shows have similar style of humor where protagonists are in some way distanced from rest of their class. However characters have different reasons for it.
report Recommended by opasnimiki
Handa-kun and Sakamoto are so alike, it's almost scary. Both of the shows have almost the same premise: a teenage boy just wants to live their life but somehow every action they do attracts the attention of their peers and they gather unwanted attention and fame. Handa-kun is more lowkey about it than Sakamoto, as Sakamoto is naturally cool and praised for, but Handa is naturally not cool, but somehow seen as naturally cool and praised for it too. If you enjoyed Sakamoto, there's a 90% guarantee you will enjoy Handa-kun too, and vice versa. While they do seem like almost the same show, they're separate   read more
report Recommended by Magister_Jakene
Sakamoto Desu ga? and Handa-kun both have a pretty popular mc. They are both comedy anime. Whereas the difference between the shows is that in Sakamoto Desu ga? the mc is popular because of his actions. While in Handa-kun it is mostly because of misunderstandings that have a positive outcome on the mc's reputation.
report Recommended by Reapermask
-Both are about an average looking high school boy who ends up looking cool in whatever situation you put him in -Both have a similar style of humor and similar character design -Both have a similar setting and story setup
report Recommended by thelectricow
Both series are comedies revolving around a certain idolised male school student.
report Recommended by blurpotato
Both Of the Main characters Are extremely Popular where all the school is crazy about them and they always somehow manage to make believers by acting in stupid ways and solver problems indirectly where they dont want to
report Recommended by SatsugaiDeAtsu
Both shows are about a MC that is "too cool for school"and worshiped by their entire class, though they aren't really aware of how fondly they're viewed by their classmates. Handa isn't as smooth as Sakamoto, but they're similar all the same.
report Recommended by turnthescorpion
Both are: -comedy type shows -everyone's beloved main hero -mediocre anime shows which you can watch if there is nothing else worth watching
report Recommended by susan00
Highschool popularity! Isn't it great? Both Handa & Sakamoto are overwhelmingly popular, and "perfect," or at least on the outside... Both shows have a very similar artstyle, quality of animation. Both are hilarious, & have a very similar type of humor/comedy. Overall, both are insanely similar.
report Recommended by twoego
Both have protagonists who are portrayed as the most popular student in school because of their words and/or actions. Both have similar humor.
report Recommended by Marcus_Trillian
Do you love a Main Character that is so awesome that everyone in their school idolizes and loves them? Well, both Sakamoto and Handa are the cool, cooler, coolest around! Sakamoto is the "perfect" student and everything he does is over-the-top, while Handa-kun is a calligraphy genius and everyone around them gets fascinated by whatever they do. If you like one of the characters, you'll surely love the other too because they're almost in the same situation.
report Recommended by INU4SH4
Both Characters are popular, they have followers, and change people who meet them.
report Recommended by CradleGray
Both anime revolves around the protagonist in high school. The protagonists are popular and recognised by the school, having fans and rivals. They both show a great vision of Slice Of Life. Overall, they are a must watch.
report Recommended by Lucario1250
I recommend it a lot, because it's a really fun comedy anime that deserves a very nice feedback/ Recomendo bastante, pois é um anime bem divertido de comédia que mereçe um feedback bem legal
report Recommended by Yusei15
Both are centered around a main character that all the other characters are somewhat obsessed with.
report Recommended by yatodagod