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Bokura ga Ita
Peach Girl and Bokura ga Ita pretty much belong to the same category - they contain a lot of drama and romance. These series are perfect especially for girls but they go to some boys too.
report Recommended by Ritsuka
I watched Bokura ga Ita first, and I enjoyed it very much. Lots of drama and beautifull plot twists. Peach Girl is a little less realistic than Bokura ga Ita, but I enjoyed it as well. I certainly can say, if you liked the one, you'll definately like the other!
report Recommended by virix-kun
One girl and two boys. That's all (BGI is much better though)
report Recommended by Talu
Both have a catchy storyline with a twist of drama & romance with added love triangles here and there.
report Recommended by sarah7
Both Bokura ga Ita and Peach Girl are about romances between teenagers in high school. Both have a lot of drama and some love triangles. Also, the two main males struggle with an internal conflict of their's that involve unrequited love with another woman. If you like drama, I recommend this.
report Recommended by YakuzaDog
Peach Girl and Bokura ga Ita are both heavy on high school romance, and revolve purely around just that. If you're up for some true doki-doki moments like in Peach Girl, Bokura ga Ita is the way to go.
report Recommended by suicune141
Both involve a love triangle..both have similar character personalities
report Recommended by PhantoMiria
momo n nana-chan r so alike, n it so many twist n drama n romance backed into one anime im serious if u like either u love the other one
report Recommended by ravenstarefire
Both series feature "on-again off-again" relationships between the main character and her love interest. In both series, there is also a third guy that gets caught up in the mix. Light comedy is prevalent in both series (although more noticeable in Peach Girl). The most outstanding similarity, however, is that both anime focuses on, not if the girl gets with the guy, but the actual happenings and goings-on INSIDE of the relationship.
report Recommended by Murasakebara
If you enjoy the whole love triangle drama, and romance you will surely enjoy these two animes!
report Recommended by Panda-Spirit
If you enjoy soap anime with love triangles and terrible endings, then I highly recommend Bokura ga Ita & Peach Girl.
report Recommended by moshpits
yep, are very similar anime, but BGI i'm not finished becoz BGI for children, level of peach girlish ofcoz higher in my opinion and more interesting before the end, end is not good... too big q-ty of troubles%)
report Recommended by enfer
Some characters from each anime is similar. Both have two guys fighting over one girl intertwined in the story. I absolutely loved Bokura ga Ita (it became my favorite romance anime over night, i give it a 10/10). Peach Girl was also very good and funny, although Bokura ga Ita was way more realistic and showed what a true relationship is like, Peach girl still had nice romance and drama. In other words Peach Girl is sort of a lighter/less realistic version of Bokura ga Ita. If you like Bokura ga Ita you will enjoy Peach Girl!
report Recommended by xxXKittyXxx