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Kimi no Na wa.
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Violet Evergarden
Both Violet Evergarden and Kimi no Na wa featured realistic art and emotional scenes.
report Recommended by The_Anonymous28
Beautiful art. Like Shinkai's works, Violet Evergarden also has hyper-realistic animation, beautiful attention to detail, and the lighting is just gorgeous. Although their plots and views are different, they share the same emotional, tear-jerking, yet heartwarming style of storytelling that leaves the viewer satisfied yet yearning for more.
report Recommended by Tsujikiri
If you're looking for great backgrounds, a nice soundtrack, fantastic animation and a moving story, this is your way to go. While Violet Evergarden and Kimi no Na wa. have rather different scenarios, they're equally well made, and definitely are two anime you will remember.
report Recommended by Butterflight
Beautiful visuals and music
report Recommended by wucked
Wholesome Romance Drama
report Recommended by MitsuhaWatanabe
Both are so visually stunning and both main female protagonists are filled with so much emotions when they say words with meaning and it can make you cry
report Recommended by Buntii