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Boku no Hero Academia
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Boku no Hero Academia
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Jujutsu Kaisen
Both newer phenomenon JUMP series. 2 of the 3 manga that were dubbed "JUMP hell trio" alongside the now ended manga Chainsaw Man (although it's anime adaptation will soon join BnHA & JJK and likely be as big a phenomenon!!) Both experts at balancing their darker moments with their more lighthearted humour and lovable characters.
report Recommended by JVskunkape
a shounen anime, based around high schoolers fighting against an enemy.
report Recommended by Astallis
Both are shounen series with lots of actions, development and amazing side-characters along with cool concept and amazing animation
report Recommended by Fa1zan
To put it shortly, boy eats body part and becomes overly powered.
report Recommended by peachyvelvet
The hero (Deku, Itadori) eats a body part that gives him powers, which ends up posing a great danger to him. Hero goes to a school for the students with the power system (Quirks, Jujutsu), and one of his teachers is a character similar to Kakashi from Naruto (Aizawa, Gojo). One of the major antagonists in both series (Shigaraki, Mahito) are pretty similar too.
report Recommended by FasterJTG
Both have a similar ranking system and a school to train them. Both have one so called strongest character of the show. Both have a similar concept of villain/curses who good people fight. In both shows the main character has to eat something to gain power. Most characters also act similar in both the shows.
report Recommended by FZREMAKE
Both main characters are shoved into an entirely new reality they weren’t ready for. Jujutsu Kaisen gives off the same vibes as MHA. I highly recommend the show, you’re bound to like it if you like My Hero Academia!
report Recommended by _dreamycl0uds_
My hero academia is a lot like jujitsu kaisen in the way they both have a motivated, happy, main protagonists that defend people and they both have to earn their power in a way.
report Recommended by Xcitty_katX
The story of a main character who goes to a school with a teacher who is OP and makes 3 close friends and a bunch of other not so close friends with powers.
report Recommended by Omnisaur
Both the animes are about supernatural powers or strength.
report Recommended by anime1enthusiast
Both are about a young boy learning about his powers and going to school and killing bad things. and both have really great friendship aspects
report Recommended by carat_iz
I would fully recommend watching Jujutsu Kaisen because I never feel like missing out on anime is an option. I saw memes and jokes (:sorry for spoilers") But I saw the main charter eating a finger, eww I know right. Sounds weird. But trust me, its worth it. You get to know a lot more things and there's a huge community for this show, so you get to share your ideas in it. And this show Is generally awesome. Its a huge turn From MHA because this show is a little dark, but 100% worth your time.
report Recommended by HoneyAlchemist
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