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Boku no Hero Academia
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Both main characters are kind, sensitive, intelligent and with their own little quirks. Super power and a super sensitive nose. Both Tanjiro and Midoryia have a trainer (Urokodaki and All Might), they go through lots of hardships in early year, but have decent development and become stronger.
report Recommended by Hutai
Shows that are the definition of "how to be an anime shounen". Both are great anime that do not change much or almost nothing of the famous formula of a shounen (powers, protagonism, the power of friendship, etc.), but that simply execute it in the right way, unlike many others that waste potential to become more mainstream. The first is more about superheroes, and the second is about demon hunters. Simple and generic concepts in theory, but very well made and fun in practice.
report Recommended by Samuel_Araujo
Two mainstream Shounen Jump anime with similar protagonists. Large amounts of comedic relief with side characters and self-improvement with protag. Slower-paced story with every fight lasting three to four episodes.
report Recommended by JJBarr
This are great shonen's who show very well the way to became strong and go for your dream. Main's characters are similar in that case. Alsow their personalities. Good fights and motivations
report Recommended by Wiasza
the characters and the simple shonen story done good
report Recommended by _Stephano
🟰Similarities🟰 ▪ Common Shounen tropes like:📋 - ALMOST DIED moments.😱 [🦸🏻‍♂️Episode 11 and 13 | 🤺Episode 19] - CRYING in Episode 1.😭 - Having PLOT ARMOR.🪖 [🦸🏻‍♂️Episode 11 and 13 | 🤺Episode 19] - Being OVERPOWERED.💪🏻 (One For All👊🏻| Sun Breathing☀️) - Having multiple love interests.💕 - Simping for female characters.🙇🏻‍♂️ - Making new friends and enemies along the way.🫂 ▪ Both of the main characters are teenagers (15 - 17 years old) and are a group of 3 people (Trio).👌🏻 ▪ They met 2 good allies (1 lady🚺 and 1 gentleman🚹) as they began their journey.✌🏻 - My Hero Academia🦸🏻‍♂️: Ochako Uraraka👩 and Tenya Iida.👓 [Episode 3]   read more
report Recommended by Adrena
both have similar main characters and both have angry bois.
report Recommended by Rinhoshizorafan
2 of the best battle shonen out there
report Recommended by Sparkzcool
Shonen where the primary focus is on delivering memorable, hype action sequences above all else
report Recommended by 3amEpsilon
The anime is amazing with amazing characters and story.
report Recommended by Aoi_UwU
My hero academia is a lot like demon slayer in the way they both have a motivated main protagonist that defends people, and they both have minimal fan service, so you don't have to worry about your parents walking in at the wrong time 😅
report Recommended by Xcitty_katX
Protagonists' power progression (lowest to highest), supernatural events and characters' abilities. Simple story (Good vs Evil).
report Recommended by Celhox
If you're looking for a new-gen action anime that's worth watching then I recommend these animes to you. (But in my opinion My hero Academia is the better anime, because not only does my hero academia have more sequels, but it also has more character development.)
report Recommended by Ichigos_Disciple
In both anime, the protagonist is quite weak but can perform admirably when called upon. Both anime series feature a trio of three. Boku no Hero has Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto, while Demon Slayer has Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke. Both trios are quite similar, both trios are cringy but still entertaining to watch, and both trios lack a love interest. Both of these shows have excellent animation and endearing characters. If you like one, I highly recommend the other.
report Recommended by faaithhh
Both are easy to get into, emphasize on action and animation, and feature generic tropes.
report Recommended by YannisSp101
Both are similar stories based on a hero's journey or beginnings. - Boku no hero is centred around Deku's dream to one day be like his role model, All Might. - Kimetsu no Yaiba too has a protagonist who trains to be a protector and defender of the vulnerable. However, this quest is a necessity due to the nature of the world the characters reside in. The story is much darker and melancholic.   read more
report Recommended by causticforms
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