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The main character doesn't have something that everyone else has, being super powers or magic until hope appears. Both are Shounen Jump series.
report Recommended by -Swifty-
These two series both share a certain type of protagonist. Deku and Asta are bot underdogs at the beginning of the series and need to work their way up in the world using more effort then everybody else does in order to stay relevant in a world where the extraordinary has become ordinary.
report Recommended by VolcanicHawk92
Weak but ambitious main character on his way to reach the top and proving himself to the ones who doubted and wronged him. Main focus on his journey to power up, finding friends and rivalry. (Action, Fantasy, Superpower, Shounen, Comedy)
report Recommended by Shibuya_Akira
Shared ideals and humor, with black clover having a slightly darker side. Dark as in separation of classes.
report Recommended by MeganAnn
Both main protagonists are people without powers/magic in a world where powers/magic are essential and common After a while both of them find a way to get powers/magic in order to one day make their dreams come true: be like All Might/ be emperor of magicians
report Recommended by xiliqs
Both mc's are born with no powers (Magic or a Quick) They are underdogs who wish to be someone well known. They both gain a massive amount of power.
report Recommended by Hodor96
-Both are The New Generation of Classic Shonen Nekketsu -Both stories have a protagonist with no talent but immense raw power. -Both protagonists have unbelievably high goals
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Both shounens focus on a specific protagonist who is void of power in a world where everyone naturally has power. It is through fortunate events that said protagonist gains a special unique power as they set to pursue their dream
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Both series have a protagonist who starts off powerless but then gets the strongest power of them all and uses that newly gained power to try to achieve his goal of becoming the very best.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
I can see a similarity in the main characters being born "without" something and that they desperately have to find their own power from themselves.
report Recommended by sassyzoro
Both are shounen animes and both are about overpowered characters and how their abilities, friendship with others and power are being developed to the new level.
report Recommended by 1shift
Each of the two animes have protagonists in which they start as a "loser" to the world where they live. Asta (Black Clover) wasn't born with magic on a world where magic is everything and Deku (My hero academia) was born quirkless which is what gives super-powers to 80% of the world's population. The only major diference is that one passes in medieval fantasy times and the other one is modern times with super-heroes.
report Recommended by Overseerofanime
Deku(bnha) and Asta(bc) both are at disadvantages in the world they are in: both lacking the powers (Quirks(bnha) and magic(bc)) that everyone around them see as normal things for everyone to have. Both of them want to be the "number one" in their world, and both look up to the current number one (All might(bnha) and The wizard king(bc)), to do so in which they NEED those things that they lack. There are more similarities but i dont wanna spoil everything. Honestly, these animes are so similar in the basic plot, but each have their own way of making them unique. Both are amazing animes
report Recommended by ivyiix
-Both MCs are from zero to be a hero -Both MCs initially had no power (Quirkless & Magicless) until they finally got unique powers than others -Both MCs are often underestimated -Both MCs have a rival (Deku-Kacchan & Asta-Yuno) -Both MCs have big goals to achieve (Number One Hero & Magic Emperor)
report Recommended by Na0kiKun
The main character doesn't have something that everyone else has, being super powers or magic until hope appears. Both are Shounen Jump series.
report Recommended by animeerik
Both anime feature a powerless protagonist in a world where everyone has powers that have iron wills and relentlessly fight to grow stronger. Both anime focus on characters defending their citizens from evil organizations. Both anime have large casts that we get more intimate with as time goes on. Both anime have hype and over-the-top fight scenes.
report Recommended by Nachos978
Both have great and constant action. They have similar protagonists, becoming something from nothing through sheer hard work. Both have good squads of friends. Both have interesting and unique powers that keep every fight refreshing. I watch BHA first and it was one of my favorites but I put off Black Clover for so long because it seemed long and I saw a lot of mixed reviews and why watch something like that when I have BHA? So happy I started watching Black Clover; they're similar but also so different.
report Recommended by Zukolevi
Both main characters are different and weaker from the world around them. They overcome their obstacles, work their way up and don't let negative people get in their way
report Recommended by lovemyscars
In both animes the main character doesn't have "powers".
report Recommended by -AlexL-
Both series have an MC that has no abilities, but are both hardworking and are working toward their dreams.
report Recommended by bladeof_crimson7
-Both are about kids who wants to be the strongest position they can be in their world. -Both were born without powers in their world. -Both have rivals that have the same goal.
report Recommended by zinquix
In a world full of people with powers, the MCs in this case are powerless and looked down upon by others. But both of them are aiming to be at the top and are working hard to achieve their dreams.
report Recommended by kaneki_utk
Both series speak of a protagonist who is born without powers in a world where magic is everything.
report Recommended by Gumusservi79
there pretty much the same besides hero are knights. i personally think black clover is way better but they have a lot in common.
report Recommended by animeweeb_
Both are mirror copies of each other. Both Protagonist have a rival. Both Protagonist are short. Both Protagonist have a girl who loves them but both ignore it. Deku does show some affection. Both have a great teacher.
report Recommended by 7Anime_Faces
Both shows are extremely similar. The MC starts out with no powers and gets stronger as the show goes on. Both are great shows;
report Recommended by abhidan
Both MC's start super weak (Asta, Deku) Both have rivals similar to each other (Bakugo, Yuno) Both have someone they look up to (All might, Wizard king) Both animes are very entertaining and If you liked boku no hero academia it has the same sought of feel as black clover
report Recommended by Breyo
another amazing battle shonen that is part of the new big 3
report Recommended by Sparkzcool
both animes have lots of people born with power bc has magic and my hero has quirks both have a similar plot in mc trying to become something both are very similar but black clover is a lot better and more underrated
report Recommended by Sanyko20
-Both have an energetic, powerful MC -Both deal with abilities or quirks -Both have the MC having a brooding childhood best friend -Both MCs are significantly disadvantaged compaired to their peers in the beginning -Both MCs have a big, buff mentor -Both MCs have to workout a lot to get what they want There's any parts of these shows that are similar but they aren't exactly the same. If you like one though, i'm sure you'd like the other.
report Recommended by Kat-Coat
Both are typical shonen anime with Main Characters whose powers slowly develop. While BNHA has more of a school vibe, Black Clover deals with a "Team" vibe.
report Recommended by Pepperitzo
Both Main characters are born without something. Like in black clover, Asta is born without mana, and Deku is born without a quirk. But both acquire something. Asta acquires anti magic, and Deku acquired All Might's quirk. Both are striving to become the best.
report Recommended by Lockett12413
The protagonists are very similar, they start off as powerless underdogs but eventually gain incredible power, proving everyone who doubted them wrong. Both deal with the structure of society in a more exaggerated way with wizardry/quirks, "men are not created equal' is practically the basis of both shows.
report Recommended by pnutreese
- Protagonist progressively becomes stronger throughout the show. - Protagonist in both shows are born with no magic or superpowers in Black Clover and MHA respectively. - Both long running shonen
report Recommended by Infui
Black Clover and My Hero Academia are really great and similar anime The protagonist of both of these anime starts out as someone who has no magic/quirk in a world full of it. For example, Asta has no magic in a world full of magic and Izuku Midoriya does not have a quirk in a world where most people have a quirk. Both of them have a huge goal of becoming someone great for world peace and justice Such as wanting to be the No 1 hero or the Wizard king. Both of them has a special mentor who will teach them and do anything to protect them Like the captain   read more
report Recommended by exbyte
Both protoganist neve give up and work hard, they also lack a common power that exist in their world setting. In both shows there are two childhood friends aiming for becoming the greatest hero or the Wizard King. I also find the Heros and Magic Knights similar as concepts.
report Recommended by ChainsawBoi
same mc boy who is very perseverance and want to be the wizard king.
report Recommended by ali2mm
-The MCs dont have something that everyone else on their universe has, being super powers or magic. -They both start weak but thanks to their ambition and efforts, they find a way to get powers and show the world that everyone is capable of being the best hero/magician. -Both are shounen animes therefore their lemma is: Never give up
report Recommended by Tcblob
Black Clover is very similar to My Hero Academia in the sense of evolution and development of personaem, are very similar (not the characters but their development) moved by faith, convictions and principles that keep them persistent and resilient to get established and then use this base.
report Recommended by Round_Switch
a loser with no gets power get friend and and deku and asta have rival yuno and that bastard kacchan and they both have [size=100] power!! [/size]
report Recommended by HappyGuyDay
Both characters are born in a world where everybody has magic but them,They both receive some kind of ability to help them reach their goals
report Recommended by todoxbami
The stories are very similar in that the protagonists start off as weak and work their way up. Rivals are also present and there are many well-written side characters :)
report Recommended by tsundokugirl
the protagonist is born with no powers and only dreamed about it but one day something happen that changed their lives
report Recommended by hakime13
Both series couldn't be any more different than they already are as Black Clover is set in a magical world while My Hero Academia transpires on Earth where people wield so-called "quirks." But the two are intrinsically linked as their heroes have no powers, which are the main drivers behind each of their respect
report Recommended by Yankee0127894
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