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Darling in the FranXX
Sci-fi backdrop becomes the catalyst for an ensemble of teenagers to learn how to understand and come to grips with interpersonal relationships. Melodrama and love polygons ensue in both. Additionally, both shows are productions with the talent of Studio Trigger.
report Recommended by jinruihokan
Both shows are made by one studio and are devoted to the importance of feelings and mutual understanding in the social relations between people. They also have very similar motifs, plot twists and characters's personalities. At some point you can even say that FranXX is Kiznaiver in a post-apocalyptic mecha setting.
report Recommended by RobertBobert
You get the same kind of vibes from the main characters. The art is similar, and most importantly the stories can relate heavily. In both anime, the characters in the show are around the same age, and being forced to partake in an experiment that will better society. If you like either one of these shows, do yourself a favor and check out the other one.
report Recommended by 11339944
A group of teens undergoing an experiment in which partnership and love are critical. Also the art styles are somewhat similar
report Recommended by zperson5
Both are sci-fi slice of life shows about teenagers, centered on interpersonal relationships and difficulties. Expect character-driven dramas with love triangles. DitFxx has a larger romance and action component to it than Kiznaiver. However, both have similar mysterious atmospheres and theming (i.e. mysterious overseer in control of children/lab experiments). If you enjoy one of these anime, you most certainly would enjoy the other.
report Recommended by senpaichandesu
Both follow a group of kids growing up and understanding each other as well as emotional drama, growth and romances.
report Recommended by squashem
Teenage melodrama made by Studio Trigger. A varied cast of teens bursting with a colorful artstyle amid a sci fi experiment go through relationship struggles and character growth.
report Recommended by SadSceneryBoi
Children being tested by others.. Similar quirky characters.. A real, dence protagonist..
report Recommended by Ballroomdancer
If you enjoy this series, or find it fun, you'll definitely find Kiznaiver fun aswell. Drama is mostly the same. Both involve groups of people, and romance between each other.
report Recommended by MrKofuku