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All Out!!
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All Out!!
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Days (TV)
Both anime are sports genre with Days being soccer while All Out!! being rugby. The protagonist in both anime is a small guy who has no experience in the sport they joined while they have a blond hair friend who is experienced in the sport. They practice and compete in matches and both the protagonist and his friend have character development and makes each match exciting.
report Recommended by Aleron
About the series
Are about sports, drama and slice of life
Slow but realistic step series
Lovely relationships between characters

Protagonist with no prior experience in their sport and fall madly in love with it.
They are not starters and they do not improve surprisingly fast but slowly and hard work.
Finally both protagonists are those who support the team and help them to give 100%
report Recommended by AriaWaltz
1. Both MCs (Gion and Tsukamoto) are very newbies at first who have no talent. They slowly build it up, assumably becoming great. Tsukamoto stands out to be quite weak, while Gion is strong, but still very small.
2. Both are sports anime, ofc. :)
3. They both have the same thrill.
report Recommended by Pyravia