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Bungou Stray Dogs
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Both shows deal with quirky (pun intended) characters with special powers and that's where the overt similarities end, but I've heard BSD described as BNHA with guns and that's honestly not too inaccurate.
report Recommended by matsuhannah
Both series came out right around the same time and deal with a magic system (BNHA=Quirks/BSD=Gifted) in a modern setting. Minus the prevalence of quirks in the BNHA universe, you can almost imagine BSD as a more mature BNHA (I say mature just meaning their ages because Dazai is 22 and a brat). With 90% of the characters being 18+, school life isn't a theme in BSD at all, but the story revolves around a group of gifted individuals that work for the "Armed Detective Agency," a parallel to BNHA you could draw as more of what it would be like for the characters after   read more
report Recommended by Prof_Telperion
Both anime are about superpowers with a main character who doesn't have or doesn't know he has them in the beginning.
report Recommended by Miiuco
Unique powers. My Hero Academia and Bungo Stray Dogs feature worlds where particular people have abnormal abilities; quirks (MHA) and gifts (BSD). MHA's world has 80% of the population with special abilities called quirks. However, the number of gifted people in BSD's totals to a minority. Both anime have weak starters Midoriya and Atsushi, become into people who can help and protect others with their powers. Both are great action-comedy anime by the studio Bones. With MHA being about heroes, and BSD adding mystery elements to add onto their story about detectives.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
- Superpower/Super Ability theme - Alike Protagonists (Not the normal Shounen Protagonist, and I know bungou isn't a shounen) - BALANCED POWER SCALING (Meaning no one is too overpowered) - A lot of different abilities - Bullied Backstory - Somewhat same beginning - Interesting Characters & Backstories
report Recommended by woopWOOOP
Besides the fact that the plots are totally different, both shows are built on a superpower based society, which grew peculiar systems and organizations, both on the good and the bad side. The shows feature a young protagonist, led by a powerful mentor, who are constantly thrown in difficult situations which help them to grow. It's important to remember that BNHA is a shounen anime, much lighter and simpler to watch, while BSD is a seinen, so it includes deeper topics and darker shades.
report Recommended by micsss
It has the same kind of motivated but fundamentally weak protagonist and both are idealistic shonen.
report Recommended by SubSoma
Cough Caugh Ok, so Bungo no Stary Dogs is an extremely underrated anime. Now how is it similar to BNHA, allow me to explain. So Bsd (Bungo no stray dogs) is pretty much the more mature version of BNHA. Both have people who use abilities (or quirks) and has excellent fight scenes and amazing characters. Bsd can get series at points but does have a more light-hearted feel like BNHA. I highly recommend it, you'll love it.
report Recommended by Animeisverypog
both have unique ideas about how superpowers would work in the real world. The plots are completely different but never less, stem from the same idea.
report Recommended by yuhhmolly
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