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Both of these shows are very calm. They have soothing music, beautiful sceneries, and slightly quirky characters. Also, both take place in rather rural areas. Both could be classified as "healing" anime and they're perfect to watch when you just want to unwind and calm down, and the occasional (but more common in Amanchu) silly and goofy gags are sure to put a smile on your face after a long and tiring day.
report Recommended by klannie
Both made by J.C Staff, 'Amanchu!' and 'Flying Witch' both have the same overarching lighthearted feel. The 'Slice of Life' genre is explored in both and each of the main characters move to a more rural setting, where they meet new people. The art style is comparable in both: highly detailed, brightly coloured landscapes and similar character designs. The main differences lie in the two locations: the seaside in 'Amanchu!' and rural Japan in 'Flying Witch'. The former focuses on diving while the latter combines the supernatural with reality.
report Recommended by Brachy
Both give a similar "relax and smile" vibe. Special to begin the day with a calm mind, escorted by great and relaxing music on these pure Slice of Life calmness. Away from the city's dizziness and acoustic pollution. Amanchu! is located on the coast while Flying Witch is on the countryside. Amanchu! is bit more cartoonish.
report Recommended by Apollo_Madao
If you liked the calm atmosphere and the soundtrack of Amanchu, I recommend you see flying witch, both are from the same producer studio and have good animation quality.
report Recommended by Theeze13
If you're looking for a soothing iyashikei series about the small wonders of life, look no further than Amanchu! Amanchu! like Flying witch, follows some a young girl moving to a new town and coming to terms with life in this environment. Despite her anxieties, she gradually comes out of her shell and learns to appreciate her new life, through the friends she makes.
report Recommended by RuneAgeMage
Amanchu! is a very laid-back, heartwarming, and sweet show. It is one of the only shows I've watched that gave me the same feeling I got when I first watched Flying Witch.
report Recommended by LillyPad2319