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Kidou Senshi Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans
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Kidou Senshi Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans
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Both have a cast of soldiers who put their lives on the line for those who don't even consider them human. Then, enters someone who does treats them like decent human beings. Both series discuss multiple forms of discrimination and get deep into gritty frontline warfare. In Iron-Blooded Orphans, CGS are a private military corporation that employs orphaned child soldiers (derogatorily referred to as "Human Debris"). The child soldiers successfully overthrow their own bosses to become Tekkadan, taking on a mission to protect a high-class politician's daughter, Kudelia Aina Bernstein. Despite being separated by class, Kudelia makes an effort to humanize and fraternize with those guarding   read more
report Recommended by Fortress_Maximus
- Discrimination - Child soldiers - Great protagonists - Action Look no further!
report Recommended by n0sushi
-They both touch on the issue of discrimination. -They both have soldiers who must fight even at a young age. -Both protagonists are killing machines and do not have many feelings. -They both have a girl who has good intentions but at first knows nothing about the harshness of the war. -They both present action with mechas!
report Recommended by AquaMercury
eighty six is simply a poor man's IBO. similar social message, and every element in the setting is identical to a t - ethnic and class discrimination, child soldiers, cold blooded ace and his team, idealistic girl from the elite who tries to level with them, technologies using merge of machines and human bodies etc
report Recommended by sillyfang
- Feature discrimination of a race - Both have spider like mechas - Both of them have as protagonists a group of "slaves" - An important person from the dominant side takes a liking and tries to save the dominated group (Kudelia and Vladilena) - Existence of family like bond between the discriminated group
report Recommended by Bilacomy
Kids are forced to fight in giant robots against other robots in a grim life or death setting both deal with the poor treatment of those deemed lesser.
report Recommended by Glow4More
• Some humans (who are not considered humans) isolated with their existence exploited by people with a comfortable life. A princess who is indignant with the treatment that this group receives for society to make it end and that everyone has human rights. - This isolated group treats everyone within it as a family; - And giant robots.
report Recommended by Biarogs
Bolth are mecha anime where the cast are initially seen as expendable soliders. Bolth emphatise comradery between the cast and have certain characters giving their perspective thrugh the lens of having had a sheltered upbringing. Characters, animation and ost is great in bolth. IBO needs no context from other gundam anime making it a great geatway into the franchise.
report Recommended by mablu
Military children on mechas, fighting against oppression by the upper class. Not as good but 86 is looking decent so far.
report Recommended by Mo168
I don't know what to explain but both of them are almost the same
report Recommended by yun_nnn
The fighting style is very similar in that the characters all fight in mechs The main similarity is the political aspect and the disparity between the 86s or the Marshans and the higher class. the plots are similar as they both follow a ruling class person who feels sorry for the lower class the male protagonists are very similar with the only difference being that shin is probably smarter
report Recommended by Blank_67
* giant robots * squad of slaves that want to be free * similar action scenes * Mika/Kudelia and Shinei/Vladilena have similar personalities and relationships * solid worldbuilding in both
report Recommended by BLVK_KRTVLK
Story takes different ways but the main idea is the same. A group of abandoned children have to pilot mechas in order to survive. One group fights against robots and their gobernment and the another one fight against different armys or groups.
report Recommended by Hombre7Electrico