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Surprised there aren't more people drawing connections between these two... Similar in terms of genre and tone (psychological suspense/thriller), in addition to overall visual style (initially thought they might have been the same studio). In terms of plot, both follow the travails of powerful children facing dark/sinister, still-more-powerful antagonists, which leads to the cat-and-mouse pacing of each episode. Prime differences would be in setting ("Boku dake..."/"Erased" is more realistically grounded, despite the key plot device motivating the central arc of the story, vs. the futuristic sci-fi/fantasy world of "Yakusoku..."/"Promised Neverland"), and protagonist focus ("Boku dake..."/"Erased" largely centers on the perspective of one MC, vs. "Yakusoku..."/"Promised   read more
report Recommended by KVM117
Young protagonist, same sort of seinen psychological drama.
report Recommended by Antarcticite_
The Promised Neverland and Erased both focus on a group of young people faced with a very hard adult task. They're both thrillers that keep you on the edge of your seat.
report Recommended by PowerCaller
Both shows feature a fairly mature plot with kids taking on impossible odds. This may sound like most shonen however the unique thing about both shows is that there isn't much fighting at all. If you like watching shows were the young protagonist tries to outwit a much older antagonist and if you like stories with darker themes then these shows are for you.
report Recommended by Blood-Typemaster
Both animes have a similarity in the circumstances of the main group of characters. They are pre-teen children working together to outwit adults and possibly save the lives of other fellow classmates/dormmates. Also, the Atmosphere surrounding the characters in both animes are eerie and they both have supernatural elements to a certain extent.
report Recommended by aviggo77
Similar vibe of smart kids trying to solve issues bigger than themselves in a dark setting. Psychological aspect, and characters are similar.
report Recommended by Kroderik
If you like rooting for a group of incredibly clever kids, trying to uncover a mystery in a world that may be grander than first expected, you're gonna love this one. Both shows will have you on the edge of your seat; whether you decide to watch it all in one go, or take it one episode at a time. Superb writing, plot twists, and a strong cast of protagonists & antagonists make for two really great anime that I'd definitely recommend watching!
report Recommended by lowaltitude
Both these show have kids as main characters, who are capable of extraordinary reasonings and are fighting against adult villains.
report Recommended by justasadguy
These two anime are both similar in a number of ways. Firstly, they both have a dark overarching tone with aspects of psychological horror/thriller and threatening human antagonists. They also both have child protagonists with adults being the antagonists, although Boku dake ga Inai Machi focuses on one main protagonist whilst Yakusoku no Neverland has three protagonists with a fairly equal share of screen time. The art style is similar in both. One significant difference lies in the settings of these two stories; Boku...Machi is set in the real world despite having one fantastical element (being Satoru's 'revival' power), whilst Yakusoku no Neverland is set in   read more
report Recommended by reado2709
- The protagonists are all young (in fact are the same age). - Both show abuse (more so in Erased though). - Both have intense scenes where the main characters hit a block. - The protagonists are trying to save lives.
report Recommended by ag_
both are mystery & psychological, similar enjoyment.
report Recommended by otakucrescent
Both are thrillers including kid characters. Both have questionably intelligent characters. Both have good production values and their own visual directing style. I personally really preferred TPN to Erased.
report Recommended by BiDiGiN
The children's fight. The Promised Neverland and Erased follow children fighting to keep others around them alive. In TPN, Emma, Ray and Norman fall into the situation wherein constant mental fights are at play against the those around them who are controlled by the Demons. With Erased, Satoru is sent back to 1988 as a child, in his fight against fate, and the serial killer who had killed Kayo, one of his classmates. Using psychological elements as the main theme, TPN shows the mental games children must play to stay alive. Along with Erased, though more mystery-solving.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
The psychological terror shown in both shows, plus the fact that both have children remakably brave with outstanding minds is what makes this two series a must-watch. Both storys have a very strong impact on you. The Promised Neverland does not provide super natural powers, but instead, extremly smart kids.
report Recommended by Christian-anime
Both present an atmosphere of suspance and a thriller development. Both are short and self-contained. Two small masterpieces.
report Recommended by DeltaLight
both animes are starring children (at least for a while) trying to prevent a disaster from happening
report Recommended by Lag0n
Both are psychological thrillers in which kids are attempting to outsmart adults to save their lives.
report Recommended by ottertea
Both shows star children having to solve mysteries with unique supernatural ideas added in. If you enjoyed the feeling of suspense that one of these shows offered you will find something to appreciate in the other.
report Recommended by JoeKr10
Both is mystery anime and both is good.
report Recommended by Atomicsss