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In Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (Erased) the main character goes back in time to prevent his childhood friend from dying. A similar occurrence happens in Orange when the main character recieves a letter from her future self warning her of her friend's death and guiding her toward changing it. Both anime involve a character who feel worthless and have a rather... dysfunctional life, as well as a character who is looking to save said character.
report Recommended by Sydnie
Different execution, but the same purpose . Our protagonist will have the opportunity to reverse what happened or what will happen , all thanks to information that link both in a painful past , an unknown future and the present uncertainty of what might happen .
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
This one takes a much more romantic route but both deal with regrets from childhood and time travel. both have the heartwarming relationships between a group of friends working together to help the victim.
report Recommended by radrachelrad
The main character have a mission to save a most important person for them.
report Recommended by LiluNaruto
-Both involve the main character trying to change the future -Both are about a group of kids -Both characters are dissatisfied with their lives and are trying to save another character
report Recommended by thelectricow
Definitely resembles Boku Dake! Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi is a great seinen anime. Despite Orange is a shojo type, the plot really is similar. In Orange, the main character sends her younger self a letter to save a loved one. In Boku Dake, the main character himself goes back in time for the same reason. These two really gives you the same type of feels. Definitely a must read!
report Recommended by best_alsoy
Both include a future version of the MC altering their past actions and trying to reshape their future. Orange doesn't have the actual time travel that Erased does, though.
report Recommended by turnthescorpion
They both center around the Main Character attempting to save someone that they could have when they were younger.
report Recommended by NoNiceThings
Both stories involve someone (or in Orange, a group of people) "going back in time" to save a friend from dying. Orange focuses more on the dramatic, emotional side of things while Boku dake ga Inai Machi has more action and suspense. Both are very good shows, especially if you appreciate the sci-fi elements.
report Recommended by Blondie
While they may seem to be very different they somehow manage to capture a very similar feeling, if you like one I'll bet you'll like the other. Both anime are dark in nature with heavy themes of death and depression. Onward, a large percentage of each anime is spent on the relationships between friends. Furthermore, in terms of story they both involve the use of time travel to save someones life. Erased differs by being a seinen with a psychological, mystery story. While Orange differs by being a shoujo with a large focus on romance and having more lighter and cheerful tones.
report Recommended by Akoram
Very similar concept, however instead the protagonist receives a letter from her future self that outlines future events and she tries to prevent some from happening.
report Recommended by Qwoto
Boku take ga Inai Machi is very similar to Orange through the aspects of time travelling. Although, it is not as blatant as it is in Boku take ga Inai Machi. Orange is also a romance anime. Both protagonists in the anime try so save someone who is no longer alive in the future. However, they need to do some investigating on the victim's background and life at home etc. Don't really want to reveal too much, but the animes have very similar plots but different targeted audiences. I recommend Orange if you like romance animes. Boku take ga Inai Machi is less romantic but the   read more
report Recommended by kaydkamara
In both anime, the main character loses someone close to them. Then, in the future, they are given the chance to change their past.
report Recommended by jadexcx
both focus about dealing with past regrets and Time Transition
report Recommended by xxbearl
Both series involve adults being sent back to the past in order to save the life of another classmate. In Erased, the MC's main conscious is sent back in time, whereas in Orange the MC sends notes to herself in an alternate timeline
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Both revolve around time travel (Erased more than Orange) to erase past mistakes and fight for a better future. They have really good characters and animation, both have a very interesting and engaging story and you really get invested in whats going on.
report Recommended by Keita2014