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These are similar in a way that they show BL (boys love) and also portray the uke with the "cute" type of personality. In both animes there is a specific scene that happens, which the ukes are both shocked by due to the semes' action (it will make your BL fangirl heart go wild~!). Anyways, Junjou Romantica is highly recommended to watch (if not already seen) if you are currently enjoying Love Stage!! because they both possess elements of romance and comedy that relate.
report Recommended by newperson
Both involve yaoi genre
Both involve characters not admitting their love until the end
Both involve celebrities
Both involve love triangles
report Recommended by Harem31
Both are shounen ai, neither shows too much of the sex parts, both have a confused college boy, both have an older brother, both have funny moments.
report Recommended by Trapezdy
Both are very good Shonen Ai series that focus more on plot than sexualization of characters. People who don't like Yaoi or Shounen Ai may enjoy both Animes as they aren't too explicit, and just as enjoyable as any good romance series. Honestly, if this was not Shounen Ai, and the couples in each series where a girl and a boy. I would enjoy each series just the same! :3

Main characters are both naive college students, and can become very likeable as you watch each series. Both series also have supporting characters with their own relationships. This makes the series pacing more enjoyable   read more
report Recommended by AkinaChaan