Starmyu, Dream Festival! Recommendations

If you liked
Dream Festival!
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Dream Festival!
-Both anime are about idol boys wanting to pursue their music career
-Both have really good music and dancing and singing
-Both have groups of 5 boys
report Recommended by VampBecca
Starmyu and Dream festival are similiar because they both have found a bond

The two feel the same
They both have drama and yet they all get it fix
Kanade and Yuta are alike in a lot of way and they both are to happy going and they love helping people
Chizuru remind me Nayuki and there both the most adorable one
Junya is like Shuu to me and he look so mean yet his one of the nicest person you ever meet. plus Junya see Kanade as friend and rival and like Shuu see Yuta as a friend   read more
report Recommended by RiriloveEreri
Both anime tells the story about groups of boys that want to achieve their dream or goal, Both anime have good song or music
report Recommended by WinXF