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Doukyuusei (Movie)
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High school boys finding love. Music, and the band being it's commonality and they both fell in love because of a song.
report Recommended by aella_antiope
A sweet highschool shounen-ai story that starts with music (Given is more centered around it) that casts a dark-haired character and a fair-haired character; the guys are different but are still attracted to each other. The focus seems to be very different, but at the core both are solid shounen ai stories.
report Recommended by Mortie
Both feature healthy gay relationships without the usual problematic tropes found in a lot of BL stories. Relationship progression feels organic and and very believable. Overall, this is another great love story. If you liked Given, you will likely appreciate this one as well.
report Recommended by belle_desu
Sweet Shounen Ai anime without Sexual Harassment for those who despise it in the genre. Both are also about High School students and both have the involvement of being in a band.
report Recommended by BishonenGod
Both are boys love brought together by music. Manga adaptions, amazingly animated. Doukyuusei is more stylized by it's art style but both play very close to their mangas. Recommended to read the mangas of both afterwards because there is more content. Deep character development on both sides, coming of age, coming out and realistic gay experiences. Music in both is just phenomenal.
report Recommended by biggaynojutsu
Both stories are fairly realistic approaches to high school boys being a bands and falling in love. Both stories feature a more outgoing lead male and more secluded and shy counterpart. What both stories get right is the natural progression of the relationship and some of the fun antics of being a high school student. The inclusion of music is done greatly in both stories too. The music feels organic and fits the mood of the stories told. The art work is bit more stylized and has cool pastels in Doukyuusei, while in Given's art works vibrant and energetic; both styles work.
report Recommended by lostnspace
Both of these Shounen-ai anime (one a movie, the other an amazing manga currently being adapted for the screen), Doukyuusei and Given, do a fantastic job of portraying the ins and outs of a gay relationship in a way that feel real. While Given has some more mature and darker themes that aren't present in Doukyuusei, they are both wonderful anime that left an impact on me. Doukyuusei has a unique, quirky animation style that wonderfully complements its themes, and I would recommend both to anyone looking for a romantic story that can play the heartstrings like a fiddle.
report Recommended by Bop_It