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These two anime are about an academy with a festival/event to determine who the strongest is. The main heroine is a fire wielder and is also of royalty.
report Recommended by damew
Same beginning same tsundere princesses same story. That say everything. ^^
report Recommended by Tsukeru-kun
Both anime starts off on the same note-male lead walks in on female lead changing, ending up in a dual, which proved the male lead's strength causing two to meet and start a friendship. Both anime also includes magical powers and competitions to ranking systems in schools.
report Recommended by Aleron
Both shows are set in an academy for fighters with special powers. They both start off with the MC, who aspires to be the champion of the big fighting tournament, encountering the lead female as an accidental pervert. Both lead females are hot-headed fire users who are princesses of a kingdom. The big difference is that Asterisk War is more action-oriented, while Chivalry is more comedy-oriented.
report Recommended by GridironOtaku
Just gonna go ahead and post this from another post I made 1. Both MC's are uber elite swordsmen 2. Both MC's lack the ability to use uber awesome magic and must rely on their combat sense and sword skills 3. Both MC's have an ultimate mode where they unleash super quick and awesome power but only for a short time, and with a cooldown. 4. Both MC's love interest is a red-haired foreign princess from a small country. 5. Both princesses are fire users with a hot temper trying to do the best for their country. 6. Both princesses develop a respect for the MC. 7. Both MC's respect the princess. 8.   read more
report Recommended by BlackNinjaMan
I pretty much had de ja vu with this anime and Rakudai. The starting plot was the same with similar main characters. Both shows are being showed on the same season so I do not know which one will be viewed more. Gakusen seems like the more serious version while Rakudai keeps it more on the romance light hearted stuff.
report Recommended by OokiiButa96
The only things that's different is the names.
report Recommended by xarvi
- The main male and female protagonist engages in a fight and becomes close - Both heroes are kind-hearted and likes to help train other girls - Both are somewhat harem; in Cavalry, there is a little sister to interfere, while in Asterisk there is a childhood friend
report Recommended by fortuna89
These two anime are basically a clone of one another. They're both so similar that I sometimes get their stories mixed up. Both anime are set in a futuristic magic school where we have a main protagonist who's underestimated in the beginning but is actually really strong. They had a chance encounter with the pink-haired fire-wielding tsundere-ish main heroine and somehow evoke their anger resulting into a duel where the main protagonist eventually win. Both anime also has a tournament of some sort in school where our main characters will participate. The main difference between the two, of course, is the main plot and also   read more
report Recommended by Xynic
Both Male MC are "unique" meaning they are OP Both Female MC uses fire Both are set in schools Both are mostly swordplay Both have tournaments as their main storyline Basically they are the same. Only difference is that the art in Asterisk is better than Cavalry. While Cavalry has a more ecchi feel than Asterisk and it has better action scene too.
report Recommended by bryvil
It was almost like they were the same anime and then they added one or two different criteria to one, and so two were made. The two main female leads, who both happen to be princesses and control fire-based magic, and have red/pink hair, both tsundere. And the main male lead who happen to be the underdog school member who just so happens to become the #1 strongest in their school by beating the former #1 (yet they were that strong from the start of when they were shown). But honestly, they are both pretty good, comedy is great, and anime can't be what it   read more
report Recommended by SilverX7
In both of Gakusen Toshi Asterisk and Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry, there is a female princess whom uses "fire magic". The main character (male) is being looked down on by everyone, until everyone changes their opinion of him being weak. Both series uses the same settings, they're attending an academy where they're trying to enter the phoenix festival/seven star battle festival. The setting which makes them apart, is that in Gakusen Toshi Asterisk they're going in pairs to fight, while in Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry it's 1 vs 1.
report Recommended by SweDark
From what has come out thus far these two anime are extremely similar. They include a protagonist who seem weak but when they have their skills tested, they turn out to be very strong. The female leads in both anime are from a noble family and use fire in their attacks. Both anime incorporate a contest/tournament to determine the strongest warrior.
report Recommended by flylittlebirdie
There are alot of similarity between these two series and I'm going to list a few! -Both series are air in the same season and the same day -Have ecchi moments -Take place in a school -Both main protagonist are males and uses sword as their main weapon -Both MC have a sister -Main female protagonist are Princess from another country -Many girls like the MC -Similar first episode in which the main protagonist seen the female protagonist naked/changing clothes and challenge to a duel afterward
report Recommended by iSyncUp
These anime are so similar that I nearly confused the settings, plot, and characters of the two with each other many times.
report Recommended by ThatGuyEdd
The first episode has the exact same plot. OP main character who is at first seen as weak by the other characters of the same school. Goes up against one of the top characters in his school and befriends them after a duel.
report Recommended by Legends0
Setting is a somewhat magical sword fighting academy MC is seen as someone weak but manages to defeat everyone in his way Heroine is a red haired tsundere who has an affinity to fire
report Recommended by FrostPH
Both take place in a school. Both have a heroine whose a princess. Both have duels. Both male MC is a sword user and the heroine is a sword user too. Both heroine's tsunderes and have pink hair who are fire wielders.
report Recommended by cygneous
Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry is practically a carbon copy of Gakusen Toshi Asterisk (although there is more fan service in Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry.) If you enjoyed one, you'll enjoy the other, so I highly recommend watching Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry (if you enjoyed this.)
report Recommended by lonofwar
Both aired at same day, and I'm not going to list down what is similiar because judging by the first episode of both, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say these two anime are almost identical to each other by any means that you might even have hard time telling them apart.
report Recommended by Nozdref
School setting. The "MC sees the underwear of a girl" moment. Same beginning of the first episode, SAME. People have magic and there's a tournament in both anime. Both give a similar atmosphere.
report Recommended by Xenocrisi
-Both animes have princess with red hair. -Both princess are fire magic users. -In both animes boy meets girl when she changes clothes. -Both animes have a tournament to determine who is the strongest. -Both male MC's wield a sword. -Both animes take place in a school. -The only difference is that "Rakudai" is a romance anime and "Gakusen" is a harem anime
report Recommended by iwsifakismag
To pair up with the main female protagonist and then fight other students in other to make it to the finals and win a battle competition. The anime Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry and Gakusen Toshi Asterisk are very similar in plot, genres/themes. Both anime have themes of progressive relationships and has a very obvious Harem cast.
report Recommended by fillyy
Ecchi harem animes where the main character is overpower, both are spent in a school where there are competitions among students, are animes with many special effects and powers.
report Recommended by GOLenji
Basically the same anime. Both have the MC that are deemed sub-par (more so in Rakudai). Both have the tsundere pink-haired princess main female character. Both have school participating in magical sword fights. To be honest, after watching just the first 3 episodes of each, the two seemed extremely alike. Small difference in romance: Rakudai seems more of a romance between just the 2 mains. Gakusen seems harem-ish.
report Recommended by Avoklan
Well they start off with almost the exact same opening scene. Both take place at a battle training type school. They both have a girl that is really strong with fire powers (even similar hair colors) and a guy that is really overpowered. In both they have a battle where the loser has to do anything the winner tells them to do. At one point I forgot which one I was watching. So if you really liked this show, it's so similar it's kinda like a second season.
report Recommended by Lucksual
Both shows feature a princess with supernatural/magical (more like sword) abilities with the male protagonist who is a super strong swordsman. Both stories occur in a school and both are supposedly supposed to face off in a tournament.
report Recommended by chimilk
Same setting - shonen high school with magic combat. However, Asterisk has a more nuanced cast of characters, and doesn't go full harem by the second episode. Asterisk's action scenes are somehow even better than Calvalry's. Finally, Asterisk's OP (and the rest of it's sundtrack and BGM) kicks all of the ass. Seriously, if you're watching Rakudai, I guarantee you'll enjoy Asterisk.
report Recommended by Syrahl696
With similar story lines, this Anime both have to deal with a princess and a mystery warrior who beats the princess and have to follow on the adventures they have. With 12 episodes each these 2015 fall Animes has to deal with romance, comedy, action, harem, and ecchi. Watching these Animes are very similar. Highly recommend if you like an action pack comedy that deals with a romantic situations between the man protagonists.
report Recommended by KayotikGaming
same the main character (about their physical) #almost same the begining of the story (let's start with ecchi situtation) same power .... same genre .... same LOLI (CAPS LOCK IF WE LOVE IT) LOL the girl main charater is also tsundere .....
report Recommended by homard1995
-Both stories are about magic academy; -Both have strongs males leads; -Both male leads can only use their power by a short period of time; -Both have a tsundere character as the female lead; -Both are ecchi anime.
report Recommended by lcborella
both airing in the same season (actually, this season) both take place in academic magic high school both of main heroine was called "princess" both of main heroine was a red-haired both of main heroine having flame power both of main heroine was a tsundere (maybe?) both of mc weaker than main heroine on status but actually, the strongest both of them all start with an ecchi accident
report Recommended by Hiiroda
The same situation where the guy and girl met in very unusual situation, both girls have fire as their source of fire and both guys are skilled swordsman, also in terms of attitude both girls are tsundere and the guys are the usual nice guys.
report Recommended by La_Matona301
Both action school anime with similiar plot and main characters, most of the genre's are the same as well
report Recommended by Yhivi
Le MC mâle épéiste cheat. la MC femelle est une princesse aux cheveux rose qui utilise le feu. Les MC qui vont faire un tournoi organisé par les académies avec pour but de le remporté. Beaucoup de similitude.
report Recommended by Real94
The beginning of the story is EXACTLY the same, guy protagonist walks in girl protagonist while she is stripping, gets mad, duels guy mc, girl mc loses, form a bond, etc... Not to mention, the girl mc also looks like the heroine in Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry. Both are very similar, but Gakusen Toshi Asterisk has a more developed story. Each of these series both have their strong and weak points, but you'll find the other likable if you liked either of them.
report Recommended by Tsukyo
Extremely similar first episodes with the MC looking like a perv accidently. The female leads look similar. OP MC. Both leads end up as partners in a way. Asterisk is more action oriented where as Cavalry is more comedy/ecchi
report Recommended by Pallathion
Just To add more to what people are saying for similarities. Theres even some more in the Side Characters so to add them in: Both have a super skilled Female swordsman who is ranked Number 1 in the school. Both have lighting fast swordsmanship and there both are even named "Todo" Both Have a really flamboyant side friend who is a bit mysterious and Has unique stealth abilities.
report Recommended by SSJR2
Both follow same: plot, setting, amount of girls, story. Basically the same story that's somewhat different. They both have swordfight at school and tournaments. Heroine that's a princess with a fire abilty and pink hair.
report Recommended by derpinat0rz
First: The protagonist is also a princess. Second: The first encounter is a bad impression and ends in a duel. Third, they are basically twins anime, at least in the first episode. (I speak Castilian, but use translator xP)
report Recommended by Aaron_Aliaga
The world setting of these 2 animes are soooo similar I almost mixed up these 2 anime while watching them.
report Recommended by XyriaLight
I think these animes contain good plot and really good to watch even they are still airing because i like these kind of anime.Both of these contain similiar story,Characters,powers,art work and life points.The difference just the theme so these animes are worth to watch.
report Recommended by FreedRyousuuke
Both are similar in the way that the MC goes to a school where they fight with swords and weapons, as wel as magic. There is a ranking sistem in the school and a competition between schools to see who is better. The MCs in both animes have to duel a pink-haired, fire mage princess after they walk on them changing clothes, but end up forming a friendship. Both main characters are really inteligent, and have some special ability that works only dor limited time. Both schools only have some kind of superpowerful humans in them. The female lead is one of the better ranked at their   read more
report Recommended by mejiabotero
-Both feature a main character with pink hair who uses a fire element sword -Both Ikki Kurogane and Ayato Amagiri are thought to be weak in the beginning but are actually incredibly strong -Both animes feature characters who use weapons (mostly swords) and compete in a school festival -Both Ikki Kurogane and Ayato Amagiri are able to unlock their special power once a day and become unable to fight after using it Both these shows are incrediably similar and while watching Gakusen Toshi Asterisk, I found myself thinking of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry a lot. I love the way both stories pull you in and make you wanting to   read more
report Recommended by Osakabehime
the first of these two animes and good looking if you look good, because both players enter the room and find a half-naked girl and she was angry with him, and after that he discovers that she is a princess of a kingdom far, he it saves some dangers and she falls in love, not to mention that he has to have a single type of ability but otherwise it is very good!
report Recommended by EdinnoGear
Both involve a school setting where students beat the crap out of each other for various reasons, with magic and weapons included. Practically the same premise, just different execution.
report Recommended by Andrewapps
This is going to be my first Recommendation. Lets see how this goes! Similarities: Female Protagonist is Flame Wielders and Royalty. They both a Tournament where they have to make it to the top. Both Romance, Action with Swords. Starts with the Male Protagonist seeing the Female Protagonist Changing Both Male Protagonists are powerful with their Swords. Dissimilarities: Male Protagonist in one starts from the bottom, whilst the other starts near the top. One Male Protagonist relies mostly on his own skill while the other has a powerful Sword plus his own power.
report Recommended by CreepyIcicleGuy
Basically same anime. Similar scenes. Similar storylines. Similar main characters. Similar female protagonist. In my opinion Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry has a better story, at least the backstory is more interesting. If you've watched one, watch the other (at least so you can see how they're basically the same)
report Recommended by Silver-King
Both Rakudai Kishi no Cavary and Gakusen Toshi Asterisk are anime talking about magic, and how they are fighting in a tournament. Both have a bit of harem, even though we can see that the main character has a preference for one of the girls. Also, they both get known in their schools for having done something special, and enter the tournament for a personal reason.
report Recommended by NahEy
They both follow a male lead. Meets a girl while they were changing. The girl is a princess of some other kingdom. Both female leads have fire power. Have other females that likes the male lead. Both anime have a tournament that either they team up of need to fight each other. Male lead is either looked down or new to the school and over time make a cool reputation. Anime ends with the male lead or the male lead/female lead defeating a strong person. Either in a epic way or short epic way.
report Recommended by Miyuki_Saruhiko
They have : Similar plot Nice swordplay Amazing battles and supernatural abilities
report Recommended by tasos98
Both are similar in plot, characteres and on the premise. If you liked GTA, you will like RKC too.
report Recommended by Onee-ch4n
They have nearly identical settings, and most of the cast is also the same right down to their costumes and hair. They both enjoy the same sorts of action in the same sorts of places, and it's about the same level of quality. They have literally the same opening scene for the main characters, and the main characters enjoy a romance that is far more similar than it is different. Gakusen Toshi Asterisk takes itself much more seriously, however, where Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry is more of a parody.
report Recommended by Allarielle
These shows are very similar: They both involve schools and students competing against each other one a year, with swords and magic ect. Both Protagonists have a bad past (one of them not as bad), and they both hold a massive power that they can only use for a certain amount of time before passing out with no energy. They both meet with a Princess, and she starts to like them as they work together everyday to win the tournaments.
report Recommended by Hodor96
-Both anime are about magi academy with battles between special youngsters with gifted super powers -The main characters are both very badass, very good at kendo and have a hidden power -The main female characters bear great resemblances
report Recommended by NightmareFear
Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry or Chivalry of a Failed Knight in English is a show that in some ways, is fundamentally the same as Gakusen Toshi Asterisk or The Asterisk War in English. I've watched these shows a few times each and really, when I was re-watching The Asterisk War I kept combining the points of Chivalry of a Failed Knight and the Asterisk War quite a lot, specific parts would intensely interlope, I went through basically the whole show thinking there were three seasons because I'd kept remembering points from Chivalry of a Failed Knight and believing they were in the Asterisk War. They both follow   read more
report Recommended by Anthony_Stevens
Both series revolve around the same premise: a grand competition of strength via, in essence, qualification brackets. Very similar characters across both stories from the supporting cast to the main heroine as well as a "hidden strength" yet still mortal protagonist. Rakudai has a more compelling story and main character whilst Gakusen Toshi Asterisk strays towards a more generic anime style. However, there's no denying that the two are remarkably similar.
report Recommended by Atomizerk
If you like Gakusen Toshi Asterisk which I know sucks. Theres a better anime similar to Ass war Not only is it set in an academy it also has a battle in which students fight each other. But Rakudai is MUCH more better than Ass war its much more realistic. Why you say? Who the fuck comes with the idea that a student govern a whole school in which in rakudai the school is governed by an adult. So stop watching ass war
report Recommended by Furatto
Both have really great similarities such as the plot, characters and events. It is especially similar at the start specifically the first episodes wherein the two mcs meet. Both have really similar mc especially with their powers that are restrained due to being OP and due to being told that their powers might hurt people. Although these two mc's are the same, their leading ladies also have the same personality being a tsundere. They also have a similar hair color that makes you think a possibility of a certain reference of the two. Overall, I recommend Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry better than Gakusen Toshi Asterisk.
report Recommended by Penholder
because the mc's share family problem's not only that the character's resemble each other the story is just as good both mc fight with the one that they love to find out about themselves
report Recommended by Keito_
Both came at the same time, both have a tournament going on. Both are romance tho in Rakudai Kishi no cavalry it actually goes somewhere.
report Recommended by Yuuki-Sempai
Exactly the same thing : - The main character has a big power who has a time limit, - A team is made between a princess who uses fire and our main character and there is a lot of similarities that I can say but it could be some spoilers so :p
report Recommended by Swipee
They both almost have the same female character and how the male is the lead of the story and has to defeat the female protagonist in the beginning after being touched or seen naked.
report Recommended by GrandSnow
These two animes are about a gym with where one festival happens and the other is an event to determine who is the strongest. The main character in "Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry" is a carrier of fire magic and is a princess just like the female character of "Gakusen Toshi Asterisk". The main character in "Rakudai ..." derived from his lack of skill in using magic increased his skill to the extreme in combat using the sword and senses and thus being able to unleash a great power for a short period such as the main character of the " Gakusen ... " Basically the initial plot   read more
report Recommended by godzilla2011
the plot is somewhat similar, though the romance in ''Gakusen Toshi Asterisk'' is lacking.
report Recommended by Idundunno
They are both very similar academy tournament anime,and both are extremly fun and exciting to watch
report Recommended by ripgaming00
The main characters are very similar. They fight with swords, and have advanced sword skills and are OP. They also have lots of girls around them and have a special interest in those with pink hair. The hole story is also very similar and have the same kinda feel. When I put on the first episode it immediately reminded me of the other series.
report Recommended by ghostsickness9
Rakudai is litteraly the just the better version of gakusen toshi asterisk
report Recommended by Soratan0baka
this anime is simlair because they both use swords magic and the main charecter op
report Recommended by sloooo0wbro
These two shows share many things, similar plot points, similar characters and they both have a tournament that the MCs are fighting to win. If you like the Asterisk war then watch Chivalry, they do a lot of things similarly, but most times Chivalry does them better and just has more personality as a series.
report Recommended by jarbenmate
Both anime protagonists have an op ability that makes them unbeatable. For example Ikki has an ability called "irregular guarding" which I think is basically the anime term for "flukes." He also posses an ability called "Itou Shura" which allows him to rid himself of physical limitations for a limited period of time. He can only use this ability once a day and once used it consumes most of his energy.
report Recommended by Ings
Both are about a School Tournament where the Main Characters destroy their conceited Opponents.Both have great Openings and High Quality Animation.
report Recommended by peodsgns
Both are about a guy who goes to a school where people fight each other in matches where they meet a powerful red head who is a tsundere.
report Recommended by Slowe_Seb
Aired the same time Main character is OP but not well known MC falls in love with a red haired character Both have a princess Heroin goal was to make it into/win into a certain tournament Heroin hated the MC and the very first episode and was matched thru a duel Has a long time no see relative/friend which loves and cares about the MC
report Recommended by -Elina-
Litteraly the same anime, with characters totaly alike and a smilar story but everything is better in Rakudai Kishi : Love story better developped, Figth a 100 times better, animation of higher quality, and last but not least way darker story. Definitly the Seinen version, better in all points.
report Recommended by ChunkerChunk
They both have similar concepts of an underdog rising from the bottom. They are both kinda harem Both of them follow a Protagonist 'couple' Just watch them both. The execution of everything overall is better in chivalry of a failed knight. their beginnings are practically the same, the characters are pretty close to being the same but while watching it, it feels similar but different enough that you can enjoy it.
report Recommended by DavidLeHaremBoss