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Neither anime has an story, its a simple plot. They are both overwhelming cool/strong and this is displayed in all its glory to make us laugh.
report Recommended by bimbambusse
You must be wondering, why the fuck is this guy recommeding one punch man for this anime, simple: Both animes are satire for overpowered (one punchman), overcool (sakamoto desu ga). Both animes has comedy as a main genre and explore it in similar ways. While Saitama is not believed to be that strong, other characters would provoke him until they are amazed by his strength, same happens with Sakamoto as he is provoked and end up being admired.
report Recommended by Guiaki
Both are comedies that center around "ideal" protagonist - one that is the strongest, and one that is the coolest. The gags usually consist of other people trying to overthrow them from this position and failing miserably.
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both have stupidly but hilariously OP main characters. Swagamoto is the Saitama of Slice of Life shows.
report Recommended by Mathuwu
Both of the main characters have no weekness.
report Recommended by ismail_meilleur
Both protagonists are best at what they do and both series are very funny
report Recommended by Ginsoka
The main characters of both anime are way too overpowered in their own environment. Everyone around them struggles to keep up but completely fails due to their excellence. Both Saitama and Sakamoto think nothing of their "perfection", they can never seem to impress themselves no matter how amazing what they just did really was, likely they are used to being the best and simply don't care anymore. The two anime have very different settings and supporting characters but the similarities of the MC's definitely make them similar at least in that way.
report Recommended by MagicaHomura
Both are comedies that focus on ridiculously overpowered main characters. In One Punch Man, the protagonist is a hero who can defeat anyone with just one punch but gets bored because of it, while in Sakamoto Desu Ga?, the titular character is so perfect and stylish that everyone around him becomes jealous. While both animes have similar concepts, they execute them in different ways.
report Recommended by adzetto