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Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor
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Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor
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Similarly crazy gambling, but the mc is more competent. The first episode feels like it could be a tribute to Kaiji, definitely some similarities.
report Recommended by ddrcrono
If you ever imagined how Kaiji would look like if the main character was big tiddy girl who gambles not to save herself from life-endangering situations, but rather to put herself into them because it's fun, then look no further.
report Recommended by abystoma2
-both are betting anime -Kaiji is about deadly bets to entertain society's elite while Kakegurui is about bets at a betting school. -the only difference is that Kaiji has no women betting so the bets are more insane. For example, bet your fingers and even walk on an iron bar at the top of an unsecured building.
report Recommended by Mateuzsz
Both animes are based on high stakes gambling with strategy and cheats. Kaiji has a slower pacing, more complex games and settings and nearly all characters on it are males. On the other hand in Kakegurui most characters are females.
report Recommended by nicolascarmona
Both stories revolve around gambling and have psychological focus. So far Kakegurui is looking like a more mainstream version of Kaiji with a faster pace (probably), less depth on individual games (probably), a more mainstream artstyle, a high school setting, and wayyyyyyy more females.
report Recommended by Lohuydahutt
Both anime revolve around the theme of gambling - and the gambles come at very high and risky stakes. Furthermore, the gambles are placed over several different types of gambling games in both series. Kakegurui tends to be more fast paced which makes it enjoyable and entertaining, yet Kaiji still manages to keep the thrilling feeling throughout the episodes - making it no less enjoyable. In terms of mc, the series do differ. In Kakegurui, the mc (Jabami) is a genius and pretty girl, whereas Kaiji (from Kaiji (duh)) is a junkie loser. However, both characters are gambling addicts, and get fired up in the game.
report Recommended by Coldonylum
Both animes enter a world of big bets whose objective is to see who wins depending on the conditions, one is to apply the strategies they use to win, or in the riskiest cases need luck.
report Recommended by tato2oscar
These two anime have a lot in common in of itself that is based on psychology and mind games. Plus the fact both revolve around high stakes gambling with a lot of back and fourth. In fact the only two differences is i can see is. Kaiji comes from debt while Jabami comes from Riches and one is female the other is male. I also felt like the first episode of Kakegurui was a bit of a tribute to Kaiji as well with the card game on the first episode.
report Recommended by DeletedAccount69
Both have gambling in their main theme. It's just that Kaiji exterminates that genre better. (Opinion) If you have time check it out!
report Recommended by Romsky
Ok so this anime is basically like Kaiji, but with ecchi, and thats a good thing ;^)
report Recommended by nekoniichan7
Only two episodes of Kakegurui have been released but there are some obvious similarities between the two shows. And I am actually stoked about the fact there there is another anime about gambling! In both anime's it seems like outsmarting people in the games they play and how they do it is really important. It seems Kakegurui's pace is a lot faster, since its one game per episode atleaased for now. If I had to explain Kakegurui it would probably be the story of GBK merged with the style and pase of death parada.
report Recommended by mtjx
-High Risk Bets -protagonist addict bets
report Recommended by NaniG
They are both about gambling and a lot of people being in debt to other people.
report Recommended by Fallium
Kaiji is a more intense and gritty version of Kakegurui with more realistic stakes and consequences. Kaiji is also much more grounded than Kakegurui as well.
report Recommended by Mizert_
Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji is basically a hardcore version of Kakegurui, just without pretty anime girls and way more intense focus on the gambling itself. Both have a similar style interms of expressing the emotions from the characters. If you were already intrigued from the gambling matches in Kakegurui, you will definitely be fascinated from Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji (Don't let it turn you off from the character art style).
report Recommended by MadokaJojocolleZ
Both of these anime talks about gambling, risk and madness. I prefer to say that Kakegurui it's good for everyone who's enjoy watching mad girls gambling their money, social status or other (a good shōnen). Meanwhile, Kaiji Ultimate Survivor, is a masterpiece for everyone who's enjoy watching a deep seinen anime where humans risk their entire fortune for rising up from some debits.
report Recommended by Setsu__
Extremely high stakes gambling, but the main character is more serious, and competent. The first episode feels like it could be a tribute to Kaiji, very similar, but Kaiji is for a more mature audience.
report Recommended by steroidabuser101
Both anime based around gambling so If you like anime that involves gambling then you are in for a treat. Obviously Kaiji is way better but kakegurui is good too.
report Recommended by iPiolex
Kakegurui is quite similar to Kaiji but the catch is that it has big titty goth lesbians who are into some weird kinky shit. My point being Kaiji has big ass noses while Kakegurui has badonkers. Kakegurui 1:0 Kaiji. Point proven.
report Recommended by Maki-Roll
Gambling may be the only similarity between these two shows. Kaiji the Ultimate Survivor has now become my one of the best gambling anime i have ever watched. This show is superior in every part of Kakegurui. Me saying that doesn't mean Kakegurui is bad or anything but if you loved Kakegurui you should try Kaiji and believe me you will enjoy every part of it. Watching Kaiji I have never felt soo much tension, excitement and fear. It is the anime to watch.
report Recommended by SniperJavalin420
Both of them is about gambling and I think if you enjoyed Kakegurui then you might enjoy Kaiji.
report Recommended by Sweetalenone
both of them are amazing gambling anime.
report Recommended by Dandiwal
Both are gambling anime, although Kaiji is miles better
report Recommended by Furo6448