ReLIFE, Net-juu no Susume Recommendations

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Net-juu no Susume
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Net-juu no Susume
Both series feature adult characters living under assumed identities while dealing with work pressures and life in general.
report Recommended by gum_rummy
Both series are romances that make you feel extra warm inside. Tackles similar working world adult problems.
report Recommended by Tiemuuu
Very similar classical romance anime (with a modern and cute MMO twist!) about working adults that aren't entirely content with their lives. Like with Net-juu, these adults take on different faces of a new life, in this case a program that turns them into highschoolers again, and stumble into romance along the way through a lot of coincidence. They then have to figure out how to make a relationship work despite all these hurdles and help each other grow as individuals. Both are rather stereotypical and clichéd setups, but are pretty well executed and always left me smiling at the end of every episode.
report Recommended by RealityRush
Both these two anime series revolve around an adult who decided to quit their respective jobs and become a 'NEET'. An event occurs that causes them to change how they interact with other people. They both contain the genre Romance, hinting at the fact that they meet someone special due to that particular event.
report Recommended by TheHeckle
The mc in both shows are having a problem with their job Both shows are about recovery of the mc in new society (online game in Net-juu no Susume and school in ReLIFE) where they get some very nice friends Similar vibe
report Recommended by Atari-kun
Both MC has troubles in their past work so both MC is a NEET. Both series is kinda different but it has the social element. Rhe comedy of both series is funny.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
It has a similar vibe. And it is also about two people in their late 20'/30 re learning how to enjoy life
report Recommended by catlist
Both are romantic stories about adults who have 'lost their way' in life, finding their way again and connecting through a medium that helps them explore their best selves
report Recommended by OnikeNew