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Top Wingmen/Bro-est of Bros by the male protagonists. In ReLife, it's Arata helping his fellow classmates out in their own romances and not their own; in Orange it's Suwa & Hagita helping out their own brofriend where it might sacrifice one of their futures. A true bro, one that places his bro above himself and with self-sacrifice that it's admirable and actually heart-touching (since they're not doing their actions out of the interests that'll benefit themselves but those that they're looking after).
report Recommended by Oniikami
they have a new opportunity to make things right in school
report Recommended by fran_omelette
Both series, Orange and ReLife, do not have the same atmosphere, although they share something in common: the second chance given to the protagonist to make the right decisions as a teenager.
report Recommended by Blancchet
Both shows explore the topic of "what would you do if you could redo a time in your life"
report Recommended by Denisecvo
-Both main protagonists are given a chance to redo their teenage life (though different methods) -Both revolve around a group of teenage characters -Both are about making decisions and their impacts on life
report Recommended by thelectricow
Both involve an adult in his/her 20s that wants to make things right and change his/her life in highschool. The difference between them is how they approach their highschool selves. In Orange, the main charcater contacts herself 10 years in the past with a time traveling letter. In ReLIFE, the main character becomes a highschooler again instead of contacting himself through time travel. ReLIFE doesn't really have actual time travel. Also they both have plenty of romance and drama, but Orange has way more of those while ReLIFE tends to focus more on comedy and not so much on the drama.
report Recommended by CoquiEnthusiast
Both Series possessed the same story that the main characters have a sense of regret when they were teenagers and they got a second chance to improve their lives for the better as a teenager to have no regrets in the future
report Recommended by Mora23
People in both animes are given a chance to fix something (personality change or avoiding tradegy). Most of the time everything goes around group of friends. Both MCs have difficult and sad backstories. Everyday school life with romance in groups.
report Recommended by Eidvidas