ReLIFE, Kiznaiver Recommendations

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Both place an emphasis on connecting and relating to others.
report Recommended by Nathan_B
- Both anime deal with teenage drama, relationships and friendship
- Both anime are about a scientific experiment to make society better
- Both have similar personalities of characters (Chizuru and Katsuhira, Kariu and Tenga....etc)
- Both MCs have a dark hidden past
report Recommended by Modo942000
-Both involve an experiment that is meant to bond people
-Both are about growing up and making difficult decisions
-Both have a traumatic mess up in which the main character was involved prior to the timeline of the show
report Recommended by thelectricow
both have an emotionless, awkward character that tries to make friends and be interested in other people
both are about growing and growing up, making tuff decisions, hidden feelings and friendship
both give a similar feeling off
recommend both! they are equally awesome!
report Recommended by Nao