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Young people fight battles against powerful beings they don't understand, for reasons they don't understand. suffering steadily increases as the story progresses. Surreal landscapes are experienced.
report Recommended by MangaPancakes
They both masterfully deconstruct some of the most popular tropes for their respective genre and have a lot of other things in common as well, such as the mindfuck factor. Both have easily become cult, blockbuster anime of iconic value for the whole industry. Perhaps if you liked Eva, chances are very high that you're going to like Puella Magi too, unless you absolutely hate moe/mahou shoujo.
report Recommended by insoo
Similarities between these two are simply innumerable. Symbolism, violence, growing tension, aim for the utter genre deconstruction — that's just the top of an iceberg. A close look at the storyline and character personalities suggests that Madoka creators were deliberately (and more than successfully) making a «mahou shoujo Evangelion». UPD. Well, looks like they didn't content themselves with just yet another NGE. There's MUCH more to MSMM than that…
report Recommended by Forion
Both are deconstruction of its genre with apocalyptic story line. All character has psychological depth and struggles, and develops as story goes on. And, both does have dreams. But, there is no hope.
report Recommended by ringoo4
Both NGE and Madoka★Magica are dark, thought-provoking deconstructions of their respective genres ("mecha" for NGE and "mahou shoujo" for Madoka). Both involve deep character and story analyses that concentrate on elements in their respective genres and evolve past the prerequisite stereotypes into something groundbreaking. All-in-all, both of these shows will change the way one views anime in the future~
report Recommended by BL2W
Both have 14 years adolescents which leave their normal life to enter in some supernatural fight which claims to threaten the world. They are the only hope for the humanity now. Both characters are unique and their feelings are well expressed in both animes. Both animes surpass all of the same main genre in a more adult, complex, more emotive and human form. Seems that Madoka got some inspiration in NGE too since the end and some death scenes feels similar. NGE is more philosophical and have 'gorer' scenes although. The action scenes of both are great and both have great soundtrack behind. Even if you aren't a great fan   read more
report Recommended by Meados
-Features an insecure character -Both are deconstructions of their respective genre (MSMM magical girl, Evangelion mecha) -Story keeps getting more and more darker as the series progresses
report Recommended by Daitomodachi
Both are very good anime that deal with the deconstruction of a popular genre. While Evangelion first seems like a typical mecha anime and Madoka seems like a typical Mahou Shoujo, they end up being quite different from what the viewer expects. They both take a very depressing turn early on and contain plenty of symbolism. Each deals with young children who are forced to fight to protect the world and how they deal with this responsibility.
report Recommended by supersloth
They are both about a main character who is very reluctant to push forward, or do anything for that matter. As each show progresses, the main character is pushed towards something neither wants to do. The outer influences on the characters play more into their suffering rather than convincing to do their roles. So if you like a hesitant main character, do watch Madoka.
report Recommended by Smexy
There is more to them than meets the eye. While Neon Genesis Evangelion may seem like boring mecha "monster of the week" show, Madoka Magica may appear as fluffy and naive mahou shoujo. Well, if you think that, you have been trolled successfully. Evangelion and Madoka are both stories that focus on characters' psyche and the way they (can't) handle problems that would have been extremely difficult even for adults... And they are kids. Madoka and Shinji are quite similar protagonists, mainly in thei desire to be recognized and useful. Even supporting characters in both anime are really well fleshed out. All in all, if you want to watch   read more
report Recommended by Ishikatsu
If you're looking for amazing shows that deconstruct and utterly subvert the mecha and mahou shoujo genres, look no further than NGE and MSMM. Because it doesn't get any better than these. Under the guise of ostensibly happy-go-lucky settings, both shows take a dramatic serious turn as they explore the psyches of children who are thrust into life-threatening situations, and why they are unsuited for being there. Very dark themes are prevalent and developed very thoroughly in both. And suffice it to say, the directors for both these series have the balls to execute a truly unorthodox, wonderful ending (in the case of Evangelion, I'm   read more
report Recommended by linnaes
A deeper look at the character's psyche is present in both shows and both are also subversions of their respective genres (Eva for mecha, Madoka for magical girl).
report Recommended by KeylonLongfist
Both are dark genre deconstructions that make it perfectly clear that children are not suited to risking their lives in battle.
report Recommended by Hethran
Both anime are dark deconstructions of popular genres. Evangelion deconstructs the mecha genre and takes a hard, psychological look at what it means for children to fight in a war. Madoka similarly takes on the magical girl genre, with each episode becoming more and more disturbing as the charming scenario is slowly revealed to be far more dark than anyone realized.
report Recommended by smallish
- They are both dark deconstructions of anime genres that are typically aimed at a younger audience (magical girl for Madoka and mecha for Evangelion) - There is occasional surrealism (though in the case of Evangelion, it's not so much 'surrealism' as it is 'mind screw') - They are both hugely popular cult classics among anime fans - Both contain heavy psychological themes
report Recommended by _Unused_Account_
Just as Eva is a deconstruction of the giant robot genre, Madoka is a deconstruction of the magical girl genre. Both are anime that are intentionally made to appear innocent and cliche on the surface to draw in unsuspecting viewers. Once they have your attention, however, they show their true colors. I thought I would never see anything as mindbendingly, horrifyingly wonderful as The End of Evangelion... and then along came Madoka. If you enjoyed Evangelion for its psychological themes and brutal, thought-provoking ending, do yourself a favor and watch Madoka Magica.
report Recommended by Killer_Bee
Madoka Magica is commonly called 'the Evangelion of mahou shoujo', and reasonably so. Both are dark deconstructions of their respective genres that deal heavily with psychology, and human nature. Both feature haunting, beautiful musical scores that are highly expressive. They also both contain much symbolism, much of which is based on religious (mostly Christian) backgrounds, though there's much more in Evangelion. They also both have beautiful and sometimes blood-curdling artwork. The lead characters (Madoka and Shinji) share some similarities as well. *Both are highly recommended.
report Recommended by Katsuki_Shizenno
Both of which have a very dark plot and teens who are sent to deal with supernatural creatures.
report Recommended by Rapostrophe
Both are much darker deconstructions of typical anime genres (Mecha/Magical Girl) and focus around messed up kids going insane.
report Recommended by JediEspada
Being a magical girl and using your powers to fight evil. Or piloting a giant mecha and protecting the Earth from an alien onslaught. Doesn't it sound like fun? Well, it's not really all that fun for the kids in these series. Shouldering a very heavy responsibility - the fate of the world - and the emotional trauma that can come from that. Being different from the other children, and not necessarily in a good way; and how their newfound powers can affect the people around them. These are some of the themes explored in both works. Moreover, they also explore the fundementals of human   read more
report Recommended by PirateKingz
Apart from what everyone said about the way both are deconstructions of their respective genres, what really made me compare Madoka to Evangelion was how the protagonists are being tricked by more powerful forces (NERV and Kyuubey) and when they discover the real purposes of what they're doing their minds can't take it. The approach of NERV and Kyuubey is pretty similar. Plus, I couldn't help but compare Rei to Homura and Asuka to Kyouko.
report Recommended by florecimientos
-Both are deconstructions of their genres. -Both are equally masterpiece series and features similar themes of child psychology and apocalyptic mindfuckery.
report Recommended by Maksim-
Not at all similar to Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica in terms of plot or animation style, but does share strong similarities in the sense of both series being "deconstruction" anime, to an extent.
report Recommended by Wulff
Both are deconstructions of popular genres and troupes exhibiting characters fighting against entities they don't truly understand but carry on doing so and emphasise on the psychological factor heavily. Suffering, psychological turmoil and the characters' emotional turbulence are cleverly depicted throughout the series and gradually builds up.
report Recommended by LeFlower-kun
Both have the same "everything is a lie" kind of story.
report Recommended by Megamean09
"With great power comes great responsibility". Like Evangelion, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica examines the psychological nature of being granted power at an early time in life. Like Evangelion, Madoka offers thought provoking dialogue and superb characterization. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica is to Magical Girls as Evangelion is to Mecha
report Recommended by trell1337
Both series redo their genre. Eva added psychological aspects to the mecha genre, took chliche's away and made it something unique. Madoka did the same with magical girl genre. It added more dark vibe to it, and it's of course more serious than other shows similar to it.
report Recommended by EVAMAAKU14
These are two heavily psychological & philosophical genre deconstructions filled with controversial & polarizing characters and storylines, despair, death, etc., moreso than is typical for the mecha and mahou shoujo genres. Madoka Magica was clearly influenced by Evangelion - there are even individual scenes parallel each other. The protagonists for each series have a few similar personality traits. People who are sick of typical mahou shoujo and mecha tropes will probably enjoy these shows.
report Recommended by teenqueen69
Both series beautifully deconstruct their respective genres and gives the audience an extreme dosage of mindfuck.
report Recommended by Vyxria
Both shows are a deconstruction of the genre they're part of (Madoka deconstructs the magical girl genre while Evangelion deconstructs the mecha genre). Both shows are really dark and have a lot of philosophical elements to them.
report Recommended by FlyingEevee1092
Madoka Magica is to magical girl anime what NGE was to super robot anime, a sometimes cruel and fascinating deconstruction of their respective genres.
report Recommended by cruxis107
Both of the series are major influences of the anime industry, as they both deconstructed their specific genre. Madoka Magica deconstructed the Magical Girl genre while Neon Genesis Evangelion deconstructed the Mecha genre. They both completely changed the aspects of their specific genre and re-shaped many cliches. We can consider Madoka Magica as the "The Evangelion of the Magical Girls" as they both focus on the main characters' fighting against something that they do not know of, in order to protect others, while dealing with their psychological emotions. Both series presents a light and calm atmosphere in the beginning before they descend into an atmosphere   read more
report Recommended by SteveTF2gamer620
Both are excellent and relentless deconstructions on anime. Mecha and shonen for EVA and magic girls for MSMM. Both get progressively weirder and both have strong developed casts.
report Recommended by Realhumanbean
Much like Evangelion did to the mecha genre, Madoka Magica takes the magical girl genre and deconstructs it brutally complete with depressed heroes and morally ambiguous leaders.
report Recommended by LilDaviesHead
Both in their own way are deconstructions to their own genres. Each challenge its own media, character quicks, and story conventions in a "unique" way. Not much else to say because that's spoiler territory, but it is an intriguing ride in terms of challenge stander cliches.
report Recommended by JesterZelfer
Both animes do a stunning job of completely turning their respective genres (mecha & magical girl) completely on their heads. The characters also have a similar crisis: They must fight against something they do not understand for unknown reasons and they all suffer greatly. They are both very psychological.
report Recommended by GrinEvilly
Besides being strongly psychological ones (with emphasis on adolescence period), both are based on philosophy: Evangelion - individualism vs. collectivism; Madoka - yin-yang/balance of the World. The two are about growing up of ~14 year old brats, only with different gender.
report Recommended by Adels
like neon genesis evangelion, puella magi madoka magica is also a deconstruction of a very popular genre, the magical girl genre they both also have excellent plots with plenty of twists and they both have main characters that react realistically to stressful situation.
report Recommended by akemihomuuras
Both anime can be seen as successful deconstructions of their respective genres. Both involve people fighting against an enemy they don't really understand. NGE is darker than Madoka. NGE is also harder to interpret, and requires at least a second viewing to really have a idea of what is going on. Both are definitely worth watching, but recommended only after you have some experience with anime. Definitely not recommended as someone's first anime. A significant part of the appeal of these anime is how they compare to shows similar to them.
report Recommended by Gerhakiki
Controversial Plot, Religious References, dark universe.... The two share many characterisitcs and and have the same level of quality. That is, both are masterpieces.
report Recommended by Howard-san
While one is mecha and one has magical girls, both have characters who seek help from powerful forces they do not comprehend, to fight against forces they do not understand, and for reasons they do not know. Both become darker and darker as hopelessness begins to fester.
report Recommended by doublegambler
In short, both these series take a staple genre of anime that many people grew up on and turn that genre on its head and inside-out in dark and convoluted ways.
report Recommended by NewBetelgeuse
Sad and atmospheric, MM and Eva seem to tackle similar themes (loneliness, friendship, religion) while sharing the same sense of 'weight' to everything that happens on screen. While premises are as distant as they come, Madoka's pacing and narrative structure remind me a lot of Eva. Deep characterization, very peculiar use of framing and lighting to convey emotions and relationships, interesting symbolism that warrants rewatch value for both. What's not to love?
report Recommended by JoePanichelli
Both are psychological shows with a great storyline and both feature teenagers fighting giant monsters.
report Recommended by InazumaBest
A group of young people struggling to defeat mysterious foes, as they realize and therefore try to overcome the many dangers and sacrifices their situation puts them on. They differ, though, on their elements: Evangelion with the mecha genre and Madoka with the magical girl ambiance. NGE has a much more serious and meaningful touch to it, regarding psychology and philosophy; while Madoka is more focused on keeping the mood darker and gripping for the most part. Both share a controversial ending.
report Recommended by OrthrosShrine
These two anime are similar in the sense that they break down stereotypes and bring something refreshing to the viewer. Both have some unexpected plot twists and very sad moments. Characters face dreaded circumstances and go through emotional pain.
report Recommended by skjoldr-san
Both shows are deconstructions of their genres (mecha and magical girl) and come off as childlike and innocent but once you get into the shows it becomes dark, bloody, and the entire plot premise is completely different from what is perceived from the first episode. They also feature a complex cast of characters with iconic tropes and traits with main characters that are very hesitant to jump into what they were destined to do. If you like psychological or deconstructions of anime, do yourself a favor and watch both NGE and Madoka is you haven't already.
report Recommended by hannyah
They are both really psychological. Neon Genesis Evangelion is a mecha deconstruction and Madoka Magica is a Magical Girl deconstruction. So if you want to watch a deconstruction, here you go.
report Recommended by BorderlandsFan
Both are two brilliant executed masterpieces that deconstruct they respective genre in their own way, Eva the "Mecha" anime and Madoka the infamous "Magical Girl" one. Extremely deep, broken and attractive characters with an incredible OST by Yuki Kajiura and a little bit experimental animation. While NGE is an absolute mindfucking beast full of symbolism, Madoka is easier to understand, but has a big message like other Gen Urobuchi's anime like Fate/Zero or Psycho Pass.
report Recommended by davidgvidal
What thing have in common Evangelion, Madoka Magica and Re:Zero? The three are a critic of their respective genres. The typical mecha anime show us a main character that is usually a hot-blooded teenager who gets in a robot and saves the world with it along with the power of love and friendship. In Evangelion we see that the idea of putting kids into giant robots is downright insane, a normal teenager can't be expected to mentally endure it. The typical magical girl (mahou shoujo) anime has as main character a young naive girl of pure heart who gets magical powers and saves the world with   read more
report Recommended by Jabpi
Teenagers battling bizarre creepy enemies that are suposed to be one thing (angels in eva, witches in madoka) although they are everything but what them actually are. Mind-blowing and desesperation is another thing the two have in common. Every character has a traumatic past or at least a traumatic development.
report Recommended by SuzuMine-chan
- Unusual, dark and cynical take on their genres and specific tropes. - Both protagonists, Madoka and Shinji, react in the most believable and realistic ways. They are also both teenagers and share similar personality types. - Intense drama and mind-blowing. - Both anime appeal to a similar type of taste and audience.
report Recommended by Maneki-Mew
Both shows are deconstruction anime of a certain genre, meaning they break down the typical conventions of a show and either change them or "play" with them to make them a special snowflake of their respective genres. While Evangelion deals with the Mecha genre, Madoka Magica deals with the Magical Girl genre. Both shows present the viewer with developed, interesting characters that you either love or hate depending on your points of view. Assuming you loved Evangelion or Madoka, you probably have more of a complex, pitiful, or even relatable view on the characters of their respective shows, they both deliver in their parts, and   read more
report Recommended by Manpig
Both have deconstructive concept of a genre and psychological themes .
report Recommended by Nexus_Valentine
Both... ...are clever and unique deconstructions of their respective genres. ...changed and inspired the anime series that came after it. ...tell tragic and emotional stories of teenagers, exploring their psyche. ...have great soundtrack, great voice acting, and good animation. ...are classics that should be watched at some point! I'd say if you are not interested in either, you should at the very least watch Neon Genesis Evangelion, since it is the more important anime. But if you aren't into the whole "mindfuck" aspect of Evangelion, you can expect a more cohesive and well-written story from Madoka Magica, as well as an - arguably - better finale. Being familiar with the Mecha   read more
report Recommended by cptlee39
Neon Genesis Evangelion is a series that is usually compared with Madoka Magika, and for good reason. Both series' are deconstructions of the genres that they are a part of, i.e. Eva is a deconstruction of the giant mech battle genre and Madoka is a deconstruction of the magical girl genre. Both series' have very dark subject matter, but the key difference is that Madoka doesn't seem to have anything to say about its darkness, or just uses it for shock value, while Evangelion uses it brilliantly and integrates the darker and sometimes depressing themes with the characters. Neon Genesis Evangelion is a masterpiece of   read more
report Recommended by SugarRin_
Madoka is philosophical on a very deep(!) level. Different philosophies clash together and the viewer must decide which one fits him the most. Some call Madoka the "Evangelion of the 21th Century" because of the impact it has on the current generation of anime.
report Recommended by Shogun753
Both are darker and more realistic depictions of their respective genres, NGE for mecha and Madoka for mahou shoujo. Both explore more personal themes like human connection, ,depression (Evangelion), desire and despair (Madoka).
report Recommended by TheSaltyGendo
In a similar way to how Neon Genesis Evangelion is a deconstruction of the mecha genre, Madoka Magica is the most well-known deconstruction of the mahou shoujo genre. Both series invlove fighting eldritch abominations that are in their own way dangerous to mankind, teenagers' psychology is played in a realistic way (e.g secret selfishness) and there is often distorted animation involved. Also, both anime have splendid music ;)
report Recommended by Spyros_Kran
Both seem innocent enough at first, but take a dark turn later on.
report Recommended by B0bbathan
Both shows are about middle school students meeting a point where they need to save the world by gaining the given power to protect the world from destruction. Once getting the given power to defend the world, there is no way turning back to become a normal ordinary human again that don't need to shoulder the world from destruction. Almost all the fights against the enemies in both anime take place in the city the main characters currently living in. Both shows have shocking plot twists about the turn of events that happened from the past to the uncertain future. Both shows have some really human characters that was   read more
report Recommended by edelgord